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Upgrading - quick question

Discussion in 'OS X' started by Matt-London, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I currently have an iMac running Leopard and a mac mini with Snow Leopard.

    I want to upgrade the iMac shortly to Lion so I first have to upgrade it to Snow Leopard. Can I use the Snow Leopard install DVD that came with my mac mini on my iMac? The disk has mac mini stamped on it so will it work and am I allowed?


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    No, that disc is specific to the Mini. You'll have to buy a standard £/$29 Snow Leopard upgrade disc for the iMac.
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    Clean Install

    Hello Matt. You can't use the Mac Mini's disk for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, but there is still a way to get around this. You can download the Mac OS X Lion installation on your Mac Mini that has Snow Leopard on it. Once you have the installation application on your Mac Mini, you can burn the .dmg to a disk. Once you have the Mac OS X Lion .dmg on a disk, you can simply put it into the iMac and install a fresh copy. This should let you bypass the need for Snow Leopard. You should back up everything before you install Lion, because you'll be doing a clean install, not an upgrade. I hope this helps!
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    And the reason they made it that way was precisely to stop people from doing what you're asking if you can do. :blush:
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    Thanks for help.

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