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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mitzanu, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    One question, i found alot of articles and still i am confused, maybe somebody can help me, i've developed a java application that runs on mac also, even made an *.app , how can i upload it on app store? :)
    Thanks in advance.
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    The approval guidelines are here. I cannot see anything that explicitly excludes Java apps but it would have to appear to be 100% native:

    6. User interface

    6.1 Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Apple Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines

    6.3 Apps that do not use system provided items, such as buttons and icons, correctly and as described in the Apple Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines will be rejected

    6.4 Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good it may be rejected

    6.5 Apps that change the native user interface elements or behaviors of Mac OS X will be rejected
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    You can't use Java for App store apps.
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    And if the java is behind an app, it doesn't matter right? I know a few applications like that that are already on app store.

    Thanks for the replay, if you have more information i will appreciate it
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    I can not access that link, i have an account but... You do not have access to this resource based on your membership.

    I'll have to have a membership?

    I will appreciate if you can copy & paste the guidelines until I'll make a membership, thanks
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    A paid membership? Anyway I'm not copy and pasting more that that! Seems I missed the no Java as pointed out above.
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    You can use Java in an App Store app if you bundle your own JVM with the app, but not if you use the system one. I believe that once OpenJDK for Java 7 comes out, there'll be a more easily embeddable JVM available for Mac.
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    I just finalize my mac developer application, i paid i got the account, can anyone tell me how can i upload my application?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did you miss the link under Featured Content in the Mac Dev Center that says "Submitting to the Mac App Store"?
  10. mitzanu, Jun 29, 2011
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    Thanks! i missed that, i was reading now that i have to request some certificates that i have to implement into the application, any ideas on that?
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    On the right-hand side of the Mac Dev Center is a Program Member Resources section. The first item in that section is entitled "Get Your Mac Apps Ready for the Mac App Store". Follow the Learn more link.
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    Well, i read it all but still i'm a little confused, i'll upload my app via itunes? and how about the app developer code?
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    Welcome to Hell

    Submitting apps to the App Store is significantly more involved than just uploading your app.
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    You are way out of your element here. You need to hunker down and read everything about the developer program. Go to the site and read everything relevant to getting started. Your questions betray that you seem to think this is a simple process.
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    I'm sure this is not what Apple intended, but I like to think of the app submission process as an initial culling. If you (as a programmer or as an organisation) are not smart enough to submit an app, then you're unlikely to have been smart enough to have created a quality app, and are unlikely to be smart enough to provide quality support for that app.
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    I hope that wasn't its intent, because it can be a really awful process. Provisioning is still voodoo. Many things for provisioning and distribution have to be done with jet-pilot style checklists/flowcharts, because missing one little step can torpedo the whole process without giving you any meaningful feedback.

    Even figuring out how to get your App scheduled for release so that it doesn't get buried 20 pages down in "new releases" is a harrowing experience that keeps you up at night in a cold sweat. And forget one little checkbox on the iAds contract and Apple will happily release your app without serving it any ads. You have to submit an entirely new binary to fix that problem so it's 2 weeks of lost revenue.

    A lot of crap still gets into the App Store, even with all this punishment.
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    Maybe not initially, but that fact they haven't been quick to fix the situation looks like it is now intended that way. If a developer can't find the documentation, read a few lists of instructions, follow them, debug the process if he gets a step wrong, etc., to simply submit an app, that developer's app is probably an even buggier st*nking mess. Junk to be kept out of the app store.

    The OP may just be one of those types who should never be allowed to submit an app because he can't find the "do it for me" button.
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    There should be an app for that...
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    The documentation for submitting apps to the iOS App Store (including the required certification and provisioning) has gotten MUCH better.

    While the documentation has improved, the process itself has not.

    Recently, after a couple of years of shouting obscenities at the screen pretty much non-stop, I've realized that I need to create an AdministrativeSelf that handles the provisioning and app submission process. That way ProgrammerSelf doesn't get annoyed - he just turns his mind over to AdministrativeSelf and comes back when the tedium is over.
  20. mitzanu, Jun 30, 2011
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys, yes it's a painful process still trying to get it, any idea, i have to edit also the PkgInfo? i got an idea how to upload the app (using itunes) hope it's all going to work well :)
    One more question, if i added my banking info and so on, the problem is that i will have to link the app store with the app so the user will get the license right away or i could redirect them automatically to my website?
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    Hello again, how can i upload the application using application loader? i can not select my dmg file, any ideas?
    My application it's like this Java -> app -> dmg.
    How do i convert it to .bin? :D if this is the case
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    ok, i zipped the app folder and i opened it with the application loader but it gives me some errors like, The Archive is invalid. Unexpected productutil output: the product-metadata must be present.

    and another one

    Product Archive Name.zip is not valid ((null))
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    Why are you bothering? If this thing is still Java, it will be rejected, even if it's wrapped into an .app.
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    Then why other applications has been approved and are available on the app store? (DbVisualizer for example, if you download the app and look into the folder it's all jars).

    Do you have any ideas about the errors that i'm getting?
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    Hello again,

    Still didn't find any information, no one can help me?

    The Archive is invalid. Unexpected productutil output: the product-metadata must be present.

    Product Archive Name.zip is not valid ((null))


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