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upset over ipod

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by tazo, Apr 28, 2003.

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    am i alone here in my feelings of anger towards apple for still not giving the bottom of the line ipod a remote? 100 dollars now for a remote and and dock. I am still going to save up for a 10 gigger but I am bit perturbed to say the least, that I cannot even access the online itunes via a PC, i mean kind of a drawback no? :rolleyes:
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    my friend has an ipod remote...he barely uses it because of it's limited functionality and because it doesn't always work. the clip on it is also horrible. he has to put a big safety pin on his jeans and then clip the remote to the pin. it just doesn't hold all that well.

    i'm only disappointed that the ports are not covered on the ipod...and a separate jack for the remote? that's just crazy talk.
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    Buy a refurb, Apple cannot please everybody.
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    that's the lamest solution ever. apple should have learned that ports get dirty...they covered the ports on the old ones...they should have thought of that in this recent design...they did for the buttons...:rolleyes:
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    Yes i agree but sometimes Apple doesn't learn, i cannot see them changing the new iPod now not until the next revision. Not unless they have some sort of rubber cover like some mobile phones have.

    Just like all consumer electronics, they are works in progress and i treat them as such.

    Maybe next time, they will revise the product again to take into account any new errors that show in this line of ipods.

    Already i'm hearing stories about the iTunes music store and problems people are having with them, simple things like a download not finishing and that person wanting to redownload that file again only to be told that they have already done this. Some sort of error checking would of solved this but somehow Apple hasn't thought about that issue and how frequently it could happen. But hey, by the time it reaches the UK maybe they will have corrected this.
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    the reason people might be having trouble with the store is because a vast amount of people want to go and try it.
    im getting my new iPod friday:)
    converting all of my mp3 to AAC. slowly, but surely;.
    does anyone have tips for mass converting/re ripping?
    any helpful tips would be appreciated!

    also, all of those new commercials were hilarious especially the kid!
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    Re: upset over ipod

    In the address they do say that Windows users will have access by the end of the year. I guess your just going to have to wait in the same fashion that Mac users wait for the hottest games.

    One thing i do think kinda sucks but at the same time is good. Is the fact that the old remotes aren't compatible with the new iPod. They changed the connector which is a good thing because i am constantly pushing it back in to get it to work.
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    you DO realize that this just makes the quality worse? converting and mp3 file to AAC will ALWAYS result in some loss of quality, even if your converting to high AAC bitrates. id recommend ripping to AAC straight from the original source again, if its that important to you. otherwise, do what im doing and just keep your mp3's but start ripping new cd's to AAC.
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    so am i! :) i'm getting the 10 gig. which one are you getting?
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    thanks Xero, but i am compressing my cds into AAC, and my MP#s which i dont have the CD for are all in either 256kbps, or 320kbps.

    edit-I'm getting a 15GB:)
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    ah, gotcha sounds good. man i wish i had $400 to burn. :p
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    i've saved up money from christmas, birthday, and taking care of my nieghbor's cats.

    i have had enough money for the mid-range since late febuary. an impatient wait indeed, bu i wanted an iPod from the first 5GB models!
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    I've just ordered an iPod, the 15GB version, however since i livei nthe UK, i won't get it for 2 weeks. Bummer.
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    hang in there...
    i've waited for a long time, hopefully you can hang in there!:D!

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