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Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by dave101, Apr 20, 2004.

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    I never plan on using 802.11G, so i am not going to spend the 140 CAD on a airport card. Is anyone having any luck with USB 802.11b adapters? Currently all the hotspots are B, and G may eventually catch on, but for now I’ll stick with B. any recommendations for wireless B routers as well?

    If anyone can offer any products, that would be appreciated.

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    PowerBooks do have PCMCIA Card slots. Just buy a standard WIFI card w/ Mac drivers. You're set!

    The advantage to Airport is the system integration (hidden, built in antenna, etc.).
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    for an ibook, or 12 inch powerbook w/out the slot
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    Remember, recievers that can take G are backwards compatable with B. G will eventually catch on, so don't worry about compatability.
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    D-Link, The DWL-122

    D-Link, The DWL-122 is a USB 1.1 wireless
    adapter connects to any available USB port on a laptop or desktop
    Windows and Macintosh-based computer and
    also includes a standard USB extension cable.
    The adapter works with Apple Mac OS X
    (10.2x) Jaguar or Panther. I have tested with my PB - works great.

    Online price anywhere between $39 to $50

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