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Use IRiver With Mac

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SBSBITA, Dec 28, 2005.

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    My girlfriend has a MAC and just got an IRiver T30. When she plugged it in she noticed that it does not appear in the menu. From what I have read they are not compatible. Is there a work-around for this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If it doesnt say that it is compatible with OSX on the box.

    Then you are SOL.

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    So there's no work-around? I feel like some creative person out there has to have developed some type of solution...
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    I don't know anything about IRiver, and so I don't know what the difference between an H100 and a T30 is, but there is some open-source software that is supposed to provide some level of integration between their products and iTunes. Check this out:

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    Its not MAC, its Mac. And, ever heard of an iPod? Chances are its not compatible, but you may be able to mount it somehow. Check to see if the IRiver actually works, plug it into a Wintel Box or other Mac.
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    Thanks everybody.
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    If you have success with that iRiverSync or whatever it's called that I linked, please come back and let us know, so that the next person will know if it works with your SO's kind of IRiver... :)
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    and iRiver with a mac?!?! BLASPHEME!!!!

    HAHAHA, but really, good luck...
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    What's BLASPHEME about something different than Ipod. There are better players out there. Ipod Nazi's die.:mad:
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    Solution for me

    I have an iriver clix...i'm not sure if this'll work for your thing. google "XJNB" and that program worked for me!
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    Wow, thank you for the suggestion Alex, but the rest of us participated in this thread three years ago! :eek: ;)
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    right, yes...just figured it would help future generations since i couldn't find anything related on any other boards, yo
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    Wait what is the issue here? Iriver products can be used in UMS mode if you want so you can just drag and drop your music to it directly

    This is one of the few DAP's that still use actual AA/AAA batteries. Ooops did not realize this thread was old.
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    Try this

    Hey, I have an old iRiver and the iFP Series Manager works fine for me...
    You can download it here for Mac.

    Hope it can solve your problem :)
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    nice...i have an ipod and an iriver...if apple would integrate an fm tuner in the ipod I wouldn't need both...i would think that there are a lot of people like me who like to listen to music at the gym while lifting weights and also be able to tune into the TV's while using the treadmill...can't do that with the ipod.

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