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User Replaceable Hard Drives in the New iMacs

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mrwonkers, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Do U think Apple will ever build an iMac with an easily replaceable hard drive option - ie: user is able to replace the damn hard drive without having to remove the whole screen......If that ever happens I may consider an iMac until then **** U Apple...
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    Charlie Sheen

    No why should they. Why would they not wan't the money you pay for the genious?
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    Oh its you - FAKER - Nice PR stunts dude - way to get free publicity, don't believe it for a moment though you really not that good an actor.
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    ??? It's just a nickname... calm down! Why so irascible? First the hard drive anger then this?

    He is right by the way, Apple already gives you possibility to change your RAM and we should be grateful for that. Apple makes systems as they are, not PC-like computers which can be torn apart for every single compenent to change.

    Why need to change the hard drive anyway? 1TB or 2TB is more then enough for your software. Your documents, pictures, music and videos can also be placed on an external drive! And don't complain about the speed because Firewire800 and now Thunderbolt are fast enough.
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    I'll complain about whatever I like its a public forum and derrr I know its just a knickname:rolleyes:

    "Why need to change the hard drive anyway?"

    Did you know that hard drives break, cease functioning...What then - Lug a Monstrous 27" iCrap down to you local Apple store all to speak to a "genius" No thankyou. Like I stated earlier until the Hard Drive in iMacs are very easy to swap out - myself and many other Mac users I know will never purchase one.
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    For the longest time I assumed iMac HD's were user replaceable :(

    It's not just a matter of 'buying one with enough space first time around'.
    What if you buy one second hand (with a small HD)?
    What if your use of the machine changes (so you need more space)?
    What if the HD fails?
    What if you want to install an SSD?
    What if the iMac wont boot, but data is intact on the hard drive?

    I agree, it's stupid. It's a desktop with less upgrade options than a notebook, makes no sense at all.
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    Yes, that is what the warranty is for.

    Yet you only represent a fraction of potential buyers. Most people don't care whether the HD is easily upgradeable or not.
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    They may not care when they buy it - but I'm sure they will care when they have to lug it down to an Apple Store and deal with a "genius". My sister has had 3 hard drive failures over the last 24 months with her iMac - 2 of the 3 times they didn't even have hard drives on hand to replace the faulty ones. On those occasions she had to wait between 5-10 days and then make a second trip back just to pick the giant pile of dung up - what a waste of life.
    She hates Macs altogether now and is looking at alternatives now that she is about to buy a laptop.

    Very simular things have occurred with several other 1st time Mac buyers we know - as a previous poster AdrianK stated so eloquently "it's stupid. It's a desktop with less upgrade options than a notebook, makes no sense at all"
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    Well if the hard drive fails, you can change it. It's indeed a lot of work by taking off the screen etc. But how often does it needs to be replaced? It's not something you'd need to do twice a year or so.

    But I agree by the fact that it could be a bit simpler to open up the iMac
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    i agree totally , and it will get expensive for those who want to keep the iMac longer then apple care ,if they bought apple care that is otherwise they need to deal with the cost of getting a harddrive replaced after 1 year, not to mention that it is impossible for them to clean the iMac inside of dust which in my opinion is a big issue ,as i seen how much dust was inside the 27" of a mate after only about 9 month when i upgraded the hdd . i was wondering how that thing got cooled with that amount of dust , and i dont think it is very cheap outside apple care to get it cleaned inside from a genius
    i mentioned it in another post the iMac G5 the early models had been easy to upgrade for everybody , just 3 screws to turn 5 or 6 times as they dont come out complete lift up the back and all internals accessible
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    Woo Hoo!! YEAH!!! Stick it to the man!!!

    Apple wonders what the tiny little noise was but doesn't give it a second thought and trundles on, happy in the knowledge that it has millions of happy iMac customers from near on a decade of the machines history and $40 billion in the bank. If you think you can do a better job than J Ive in commercial lust-worthy products send your Curriculum Vitae in. I look forward to your first product ;);)

    In all seriousness though, I totally understand being hacked off with repeated hardware failure. I must say that I've never had an issue with Apple taking much time to replace/repair anything though. I had a new motherboard installed in my 17inch macbook pro in 35 min and a new screen in my macbook in 45 min. People are still using Apple products that are ancient by techno standards. Just look here http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=932720 at the number of people who are still using near 10 year old Apple products.
  12. mrwonkers, Mar 26, 2011
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    No not seriously at all...
    Dude your username is either spelt with a silent "e" or perhaps you mispelt it on signup. There is no "e" in fanboy but there is an "o", sorry sometimes I come up with ideas that I think are so clever until I actually right them down - let alone post them. So sorry this may have been one of those times.

    I don't think Apple wonders about these type of things at all :

    Hence why design choices like these affect Apple products all to often -

    Its just another case of lets choose "form over function"
  13. jrko, Mar 26, 2011
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    Wow, seems you are as offensive as you location tag suggests.

    Haha had to edit your posts huh?
  14. mrwonkers, Mar 26, 2011
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    People on these forums sure like to "give it" but really can't "take it". As charming as this deviation from my original topic has been, the post is about the possibility of a user replaceable HD in future iMacs and peoples thoughts on that. If you just wanto ridicule me for my post or whatever else why not just pm me instead of being a tit in a public forum.

    Moms need love 2
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    I thought it was kinda funny as you chose Charlie Sheen as your handle... Winning.:D

    Come on are you serious?:rolleyes: Are you saying I should be grateful because the ram is user replaceable. What about macbook air?:confused: Are they jerkoffs now for doing that?:mad:

    As Steve Jobs said back in '97 "Apple believes in choice." Changing the hard-drive by apple or myself would be a nice choice as the rest of the product line. There are people that don't want to clutter their desks with external drives. There is no thunderbolt option yet either by the way.:rolleyes:

    Also what if I don't want their crap SSD and want to install my own?:cool: I've met "A genius" that made me wonder if apple was desperate to fill the position.:p

    Flame away.:rolleyes:
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    Dust on glass - boo.

    The old G5 iMacs were a breeze to get in and get out of. The new glass panel iMacs are not particularly difficult to get in to, but still a pain. My fear is that I get dust behind the glass and it will drive me crazy.

    Thus I will probably buy one of the next revisions of MacMini. Hopefully its a little powerhouse!
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    They could design a backdoor or a side slide slot to easily replace SATA drives.
    It would not only simplify this for users, but for easy repairs of HD issues.
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    This would be a dream come true - I'd definitely buy an iMac then.
    A modular design would be a welcome change, maybe next redesign not holding my breathe though...
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    With the influx of non mac users into the Apple world that usually get a powerbook or an iMac, I think it's a good idea to keep them from cracking open every mac they get.....they'll just end up ***** em up.:D
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    It is annoying, but the iMac is pitched at a certain audience and sells well enough that Apple doesn't care.

    I cannot get business people to buy them precisely due to this problem. They want to be able to service a drive, since that's the part that is most likely to go kaput. Ironically, Macs have a well-deserved rep for reliability, and the drives in laptops are easily replaceable. The iMacs generally are gonna last longer than the drives inside.
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    I don't see what the big deal is?

    It's a pretty easy, albeit tedious process...it's not like you have to do it every weekend.

    It's like cleaning the attic. It's a pain okay, but easy, and you only have to do it every few years or so.
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    hmm doing it every few years :eek:

    sorry to disagree totally , as many did kill their display or isight camera or even both , because they haven't been careful enough or had been totally inexperienced when lifting the display to access the internals and missed these flimpsy wires,i have opened only 3 iMac 27 inch with success but the lengh of these wires connecting the display and isight camera seem to vary especially the ones of the isight camera seem to be on the short side

    and if you think its ok to wait a couple years until the iMac is filled up complete with dust ..then you dont need to wonder if the gpu goes in the nirvana and the cpu follows foot , thats a computer not a vacuum cleaner
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    I agree. I could do a 24" or 20" AL iMac in about 15 minutes, tops.

    Everyone worries about the glass but its totally a non-issue.

    Suction cup, lift, done. Maybe 5 seconds total.
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    They were; you could easily remove the back cover and everything was there. However, I believe that Apple changed the design a few years ago because I think the current models just have a "RAM door".
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    Only the first generation G5 iMacs were like that, which were discontinued in May of 2005. May of 2005 G5 iMacs, and every iMac since then have been more difficult.

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