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Using 4 iPods at once.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gan6660, Apr 14, 2009.

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    I have a touch, nano, and shuffle I am looking at getting a classic. Now if I use my touch for games, my classic for movies and my nano and shuffle for music does it sound ridiculous?
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    Very. Just use the touch and master smart playlists.
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    Not being a serious question means you're not gonna get serious answers, but maybe mine will be different lol.

    I have two classics, nano and an iPhone. I used to use the nano if I was travelling light. I've now given that to my sister since I now have the iPhone.

    I had a 30GB classic which was way too small so I got a 160GB iPod which holds everything. My nan now has the 30GB classic, which I put some movies on for her to watch on TV. :p

    So if you do get a Classic, it will most likely make one your exisiting iPods redundant because you won't be using it nearly as enough or at all.
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    I use my ipod touch for casual listening, facebook while at work and games.
    I use my classic for music, podcasts and audiobooks for my bus and train rides to work and school.
    I use my shuffle for running/working out.

    I do have an armband for the touch and the nike plus sensor, but have never liked it. Shuffle is still the best for running IMO.
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    you sound like youve gone crazy. use the ipod touch for everything why would you even ask this question
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    also using the classic JUST for movies is silly with that small screen, especially since most movies are widescreen.. Might as well buy a dedicated portable video player that supports more video formats and has a bigger screen.

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