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Using CoreData in a network?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Gregdev, May 3, 2012.

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    I want to design a new database application, running on a local server. Need clients for OSX and iOS (wifi local). Thinking about using CoreData with SQlite for the server application.

    Is there a ready solution for using CoreData in a network? Like a framework or a API? Thanks!
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    Not really. Core Data and SQLite are only designed to be used by one process at a time, so having multiple clients connect directly would end in disaster.

    Then again, if you write a server application that accepts connections from multiple clients and manages the information in and out of the data store you'd be ok.
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    Thats right, this is exactly what I need.

    But... developing this multiple client managing server needs a lot of time. Do you know if there is ready application, API or framework I can use for that? Would pay for it.
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    Matt, thank you for the link to restkit. :)

    That seems to be what I am looking for. I will check it the next days.
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    I dont know if restkit.org works with my requirements. I am not a pro in dev. But I want to know which way I have to go. So I tell you more about my project.

    I want to have an application for veterinarian, based on a MacMini server with clients for OSX and iOS (no Win) for local use (lan and wifi) in the doctors office. The server need some databases, like accounting, billing and drugs. The clients are for use in the doctors office to document the medical treatment in detail. Not more than 20 clients working in the same time. In the future the iPad should used for home visit by the doctor, also the iOS client on the iPad should sync with iCloud.

    What do you think, is restkit.org the best and future-save method designing the server for multiple clients or should I go an other way?
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    I am planning to start a similar application, and when I asked about using CoreData for a multiple user access database, I was advised to use something different. That being said, if you do get this working with CoreData, I would love to hear about it.
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    While not actually Core Data, there is a framework for working with PostgreSQL databases that closely resembles Core Data:


    Supports multiple simultaneous users, push updates of new content, et.c.
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    Bakerman, you may have just become my hero. Thank you for this.
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    Have you used Baseten for your app? Or any other framework?
    I'm intersted in the same kind of framework for an app but Baseten seems to be neglected and has not been updated since a few years...

    Thanks a lot!

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