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using game cheats with macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kriegarts, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Bought the game Wolverine's Revenge and have looked for cheats. The only ones I've found don't seem to work with the macbook keyboard configuration. One of the main keys for the cheat code with the macbook is "enter" and it just selects options from the screen instead of unlocking stuff. Anyone got any tips?
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    Are you using the big Return/Enter key or the little Enter key?

    Because I think you need to use the big Return/Enter key.
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    There's more than one? I'm using the one above the shift on the right side of the keyboard.
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    That is the Return/Enter key, and should do what you need ... :confused:
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    That's the only one on the Unibody MB...?

    I know what 2nd one you speak of, but I don't think it's on the laptop keyboards.
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    The other enter key was removed in Santa-Rosa MacBook model and was replaced by the right Option key.
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    Ahh, did not know that ... I have an older MB.
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    As its the only enter key it makes putting in the code difficult. As the code(which in the case of my macbook keyboard means using enter) has to go in at the main menu and enter makes selections from the menu as soon as you use it, I find myself with quite the dilema. Any alternative cheats maybe?:(
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    fn+return = enter (the little one on the dumpad)
    try with that one
    the game shouldnt register the fn as it is a system key

    huh, it even works on the big keyboard. :) wow. so does fn+bs.

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    Do you mean the numpad? If so my macbook doesn't have one.
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    yeah i mean numpad, i know you dont have it. if you press FN+RETURN the Return will change into Enter.
    thats why FN is there
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    yeah use fn it will remap some keys for the time you hold fn, such as the delete will become the second delete thats on current wired keyboards
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    Still not working. The full code is N4 ENTER N4 ENTER N4 N4 N0 ENTER. I tried using fn for just the enter and for both numbers and letters but it still doesn't work. I take it the "N" in N4 stands for Numpad? Any more ideas?
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    external keyboard or just external numpad

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