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using ipod on different macs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bcuzican, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Can anyone tell me how to copy music or whatever off of 2 different computers without erasing all the material already on the ipod, and can i place the material in a chosen playlist? :confused:
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    mad jew

    Okay, well I'm just going to have to assume this is all legal, right?

    From memory, you might be able to just copy it across to the iPod icon in iTunes if your iPod is set to manually update in the preferences. Otherwise, enable disk usage (also in the iPod/iTunes preferences) and physically copy the music onto the iPod as if it were an external hard drive, then drag it onto the Mac you sync with and go from there. :)
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    im not too sure what you mean

    you have 2 Computers with 2 different music folders on ?

    and you have an iPod ?

    not too sure what your question really is but ....

    if you just want to copy 1 computers music folder then transfer it to the 2nd machine either by - network cable , external hdd , burn a DVD , burn a CD

    then import it onto the 2nd machine and open itunes and import the songs

    more info needed
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    What i am trying to do is this:
    I have 1 ipod. I use a laptop in my bedroom to surf the net and my g5 in my office to do a distance learning nursing course whereby I need to download some lectures.When i try to do so my choices seem to be to load it on my ipod with no choice as to were it goes or lose all my material that was already on my ipod.
    clearer? :confused:
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    in that case follow mad jews advice
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    mad jew


    Not so sure about this bit, sorry. :confused:
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    I wasnt able to place it under a playlist that I added to my sources. Instead the lectures were placed under my "songs list"
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    mad jew

    Is the iPod set to manually update? Meaning that when you want to add music to it, you have to manually drag them across to the iPod icon in iTunes.
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    did that . problem is you can only drag the songs to the ipod icon not a playlist . then the lectures are placed where ever. :confused:
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    mad jew

    Hmm... I've always been able to drag them to the playlist icons. Just out of interest, have you got the latest iPod firmware from Apple? How old is the iPod?

    Can you try to make a new playlist on it and put them in there?

    Of course, you could always just copy the lecture files onto the iPod icon on your desktop and then, when you get back to the computer you sync the iPod with, you could put them in whichever playlist you liked.
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    Since the lectures arent on my laptop( the one I sync with) wont the lectures be erased? :confused:
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    mad jew

    Nope. If you have enabled the iPod for disk usage (which is done by default if you've set it to manually manage songs anyway), then you can drag the mp3 files across onto your iPod icon on the desktop (or in Explorer on Windows) and it will remain there as a file. You will not be able to play it until you get back to the computer you regularly sync with though.

    Next time you plug it into the computer you sync with, you'll be able to drag the files into iTunes and from there you should be fine putting them in whichever playlist you choose.

    However, I have an inkling that you haven't set your iPod to manually manage songs but rather it is set to manually manage playlists. Have I misunderstood something?
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    maybe I did.
    At any rate I have .mac so i put the files on backup and made a cd. Hopefully I can put it in my laptop and transfer it to itunes and then to my ipod. Sound reasonable? :confused: I just thought there was an easier way. :confused:
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    mad jew

    Well hopefully this will help. This is an outline of what to do from the beginning:

    1. Plug iPod into computer A (the one you usually sync from), go to the iPod preferences (little button down the bottom with an iPod on it) and select to manually manage songs. Make sure the "Disk usage enabled" box is ticked.

    2. Create whatever playlists you want on the iPod and copy across any music you want.

    3. Now plug into computer B (the one with the lectures on it) and when it ask if you want to set this computer as your library, press "No".

    4. Drag lectures from iTunes on computer B into whichever playlist you want on the iPod.

    And that should be it. Is this what you did?
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    Thanks man.
    What are u doin up so late? :)
  16. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    Umm... It's 8:20PM here. I've got a couple more hours before the girl drags me into bed. :p

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