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Using Mac to make money?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by gadgetgirl85, Aug 31, 2006.

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    I purchased my MBP and I know most of you out there use your Macs to make you money. Was wondering if anyone could suggest ways I could make some money on my computer
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    I'll give you $50 for it.
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    Sun Baked

    You need a decent scanner, some color correction software, a high quality printer -- and some bleached $1 bills. ;)
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    $1 bills? We haven't had them in decades.
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    My printer recognizes bills and stops printing them. They getting smarter.

    No, I wasn't trying to make counterfeit money. This was for drama class.
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    No we haven't :D
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    I don't think most people make money with their Macs. Most people with any sort of computer use them for personal things, not to make money. That said, here are some ideas based on things I do to make money:

    Learn how to edit video and author DVDs. Offer to film things like weddings, school concerts, etc.

    Learn how to do webdesign then get your name out and start designing websites for people.

    Learn how to develop Mac applications, develop something cool, then offer it as shareware.
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    This is your best chance at return on investment, by far...!
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    The Macbook Pro already has an iSight ;)
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    I don't think I could make money off the webcam somehow :( No Angelia Jolie body :D
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    You under-estimate the power of the internet! ;)
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    IJ Reilly

    I think you meant, "the frightening lack of discrimination" of the internet.
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    Make a virus for a mac (Is that even possible?) well if it is then do it and then tell steve jobs unless he put 1 billon dollars (Says it in doctor evil voice) in your bank account you will release it and it will make his whole macs dont get viruses campain go down!!!! But i dont think it is possible :( maybe 3-5 years ago
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    You could pimp out your MacBook to people who 'love' Macs, but don't have the money for their own. It's already a 'Pro.' ;)

    Otherwise, I got nothing.
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    then you can go to work right away without anymore overhead expense...:D
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    Now theres an idea!
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    I have a few ideas but I'm not telling you cuz then you'll steal em. :D
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    Sun Baked

    But that has been tried already, and the law has already caught up with him. ;)

    Of course your idea about single clicking for an order KY moonshine wasn't a bad idea either.
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    According to your signature, you already meet the one and only requirement to making money online with a webcam:

    "I'm a girl"

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    Did you know ts illegal to scan any currency. Even if you have no intention of printing it. Oh and you have one smartass printer! :D
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    You could use the built in wireless or ethernet card to connect to the internet access Monster.com and get a job.

    Just kidding (kind of). Just surprised no one had come up with this one yet. Call me old fashioned.
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    Well, it depends on what software you have and what skills you possess.

    There is (for me) tons of things I've been paid for doing using my Macs. For example, I do web design (html, flash, quicktime, etc.), page layout (single page, multipage, ads), audio editing (adding or removing ads, repairing sound quality, preparing for the web) and video editing (capturing and editing, adding sound tracks, preparing for the web).

    But most of that requires special software and learning how to use it. Generally speaking, there is hardly anything that can be done on a Mac that I can't do on my Macs thanks to my software collection.

    If I was in your position (with a MacBook Pro and little else), I think I would start doing simple page layout and graphic design. I've helped a number of people get started with this in their homes. There is entry level (semi-professional) tools out there for this type of thing. Create and Photoshop Elements cover most of your bases (Create does page layout and illustration and Photoshop Elements does most of what you would need in image editing) for about $250.

    From there you could start making money.

    After that you could do what I basically did... download a demo of some piece of software and use it for a project. If you earn enough from the project to pay for the full version, then the app has already paid for itself. Almost all my apps (specially any that cost more than $100) were bought this way.
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    1. Get a mailbox at an independent retailer. In the US, we have places like the UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. that provide private mailboxes with realistic looking addresses.

    2. Have them forward your mail to an Australian post office box in a town other than your own.

    3. Send out thousands of spam emails with the subject "I'll teach you how to stuff envelopes!" In the body of the email, write something like "You can make $5 stuffing envelopes for each envelope you stuff! I used to be a (insert sob story) until I started making an extra $45,000 dollars a year stuffing envelopes! If you'd like a free starter's guide packed with a wealth of information on how to stuff envelopes, send a self addressed stamped envelope and $5 to (independent retailer address)."

    4. When you get their $5 payment and their envelope, just send them a printout of the very same email you sent them in the first place in the envelope. And there you go! One more sucker who will learn how to stuff envelopes! There's no guilt in teaching them a lesson of common sense, and plus you've enriched their lives by passing on a valuable skill! :D

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