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Using MacBook Air in clamshell mode...queries

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Abazigal, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased an external display and am using it in the setup as shown below.


    It's working great, though I would like the following clarifications.

    1) any harm leaving it in clamshell mode and charging at 100% over an extended period of time? On weekdays, this would be the whole night. On weekends. It will be plugged in pretty much the whole day. This is really my primary concern.

    2) fans can kick in (they are barely audible though) even under light load. I take it that's nothing for concern?

    3) anything else I might need to take note of?

    Thanks in advance for all your advice. :)
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    1) Define "extended" Just run it off the battery from time to time and you'll be fine. This is a good read re battery health

    2) No, that's normal. i was concerned about this also as previous computers would get VERY hot if left closed - but the MBA is designed to work perfectly well in clamshell mode provided you have adequate ventilation which you clearly have

    3) nope - your desk looks nice and clean! you could maybe consider dropping the wires underneath and manage them just under the surface of the desk or on the floor. you could also get one of those bookarc stands if you want a bit more room, but you have loads of surface space so you might not be interested in that.

    otherwise - looks good :D
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    It's actually a lot messier normally (as a teacher, I often have stacks of assignments lying around waiting to be graded, plus other odds and ends); I just cleared it up for the photo taking. :p

    Also, my table is glued to the wall, so there's no way I can run wires underneath without drilling holes in it. I looked up the arc stand. Looks great, though I am considering one of those suspended laptop stands as well (since Mavericks finally fixes multiple monitor support). Will definitely consider it. Thanks.

    On weekdays, it will typically be plugged in at night from 8 to 11 pm. On weekends, all the way from Friday night to Sunday night or Monday morning (though I will switch it off at night and when I am not at home). I read that link you provided and it seems that the macbook is designed to be used while charging a lot.

    Seems I should be fine. Thanks. :)
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    haha - well it's good to make sure your baseline is at least clean and tidy so you can gauge where you need to get back to when it's time to clean!

    As for the wires - you can drill a .5-1" hole with a spade or forster bit and then get a desk grommet like this one:


    real easy.

    or you can even go fancy with something like this one from IKEA:


    Saw that on Apt Therapy

    As for charging, i think you're probably fine too - just bring it to the couch from time to time or unplug it and let the battery flex a little bit.
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    Follow the above guide!
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    "AppleCare support recommends that if you leave your Mac plugged in most of the time, unplug it every 2 or 3 days and run on battery down to somewhere around 50%, then plug it back in. That keeps the electrons moving."

    This means it is ok to keep it plugged in all day on weekends so your not using up battery cycles ?
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    Thanks. Much appreciated. :)

    Once school starts the 12hr battery on one charge will be plenty.
    Watching movies on weekend along with other use is more a power drain.

    I found a lot of information on battery use but could not find a clear answer on
    best practices for high power use situations.

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