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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by jgrinolds, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have an old Mbox (it came with Pro Tools LE 6.1) designed originally to be compatible with Mac OS 9. I went to the Digidesign website, and couldn't find any patches, but am wondering if it would be possible to use my Mbox with Garage Band on a Mac Leopard OS. Does anyone know if a patch is available for this purpose? Thanks!
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    I can't say that I've used it for Garageband with Leopard, but I have used it with Pro Tools with Leopard and it's worked fine. I would assume that it should work just fine with the Digi CoreAudio.

    Have you tried using it and you've run into problems or are you just asking if it's possible to use?
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    I downloaded the driver but, when I tried to set the Mbox as my audio input on Garageband, it wasn't recognized. I think the problem may be that my older Mbox is "unsupported", meaning that digidesign wont let me use it with the Leopard driver. Does this sound right? Might there be an alternative?
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    I tried again using the core audio driver and it worked. Thanks.
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    How did you do that?


    I've downloaded the core audio driver and was not able to get it to work. What was the process you took for it to recognize?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Go into Garageband "preferences" and select the Mbox as your input device.
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    Version of Core Audio driver for Leopard and GB 8

    Can you tell me which version of the standalone core audio driver you are using with 10.5 and GB 8? I have an old MBox and it used to work, but I upgraded the driver. Bad idea.
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    I'm running firmware 1.24 and it's working fine for me. I'm using an Mbox 2 but I heard that you can use the original Mbox with GB as well. After you install your drivers and restart you computer, open up the system preferences and look under "Other" and see if your Mbox shows up there. If it does, click on it and see if it shows up as connected or not. That's the first step. Let us know how it goes from there.
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    OK, I forgot that I had so much trouble with the digidesign driver (no protools), that I installed the usb-audio driver. Since I had just changed computers, so the driver was no longer authorized. Wrote to the guy who created the driver, who sent me another authorized for the new mac address, and now we're cool.

    Making a note for the time time.

    Thanks for the feedback, it did jog my memory...

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