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Using Siri in your app?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by HannKett, Mar 2, 2012.

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    I just checked the developer site at apple, and could not find any useful information if it is possible to use Siri in our apps?

    Is there a API out? can I use it in my app?

    Anyone have experience trying this or has succeeded implementing it?

    would be cool to hear your stories around this :)
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    Sorry, SIRI has no API (yet). Thus, no stories.
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    Not yet. When Siri comes out of beta we expect the API to be made available.
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    The best you're going to get right now is the mic key on the keyboard.

    Edit: So, for example, I advertise one of my apps as allowing "voice search". It's really the same as the old text search... I didn't change a thing, I just pointed out to users that they could use their voice rather than type for their search if they so desired.

    You could maybe go a bit further and try to make sense of what the mic key has transcribed in the text field...
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    That is what I was afraid to hear :)
    Will be cool when we can use it (soon enough I hope).

    Thanks guys

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