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Using the same backup data across different generation iPods?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by iTouch.lover22, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I'm going to be updating to the new iPod touch in a week's time, but want to know whether I will be able to load my current backup file straight onto the new device. I don't want to lose my contacts, mail, photos etc. as well as the wifi connections already made for my house, friend's houses and so on. Essentially I just want to upgrade the hardware, and keep the actual settings and all the same. Will I be able to do this? Thanks!
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    Yes, you can go from iPod Touch 1G to the 2G or 3G without any problem. I went from a jailbroken iPod Touch 1G to a non-jailbroken iPhone 3Gs with no problems. However, it is recommended that you don't. The old settings can cause a drop in battery life or other odd behavior.
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    So when I plug in the 4th gen, I'll get a message in iTunes saying something like 'would you like to restore from backup or create a new iPod'?
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    Assuming that the 4G iPod Touch works along similar lines as the current three models out, yes. That is what your should see.
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    When i upgrade in a week or so, ill switch from my JB iOS 4 touch, and simply set my new one up as a new ipod. Its a much better design. Trust me.
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    What would be different from setting up a new iPod to restoring from backup? Isn't the only difference the fact that when you restore it it will have all your info back on it?
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    If you backup your notes, calender, music and apps... When you set up as new it'll not have the app data (saved games and the like), but it'll be a "clean" install. VERY IMPORTANT IF YOUR CURRANT IPOD IS JAILBROKEN! Because a bunch of the filesystem that you have modded with JB apps can be transferred.

    Loosing the app data isn't too much of a price to pay. And the clean version will be a lot less trouble in the long run.
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    MAKE SURE to backup the photos and notes beforehand. Photos typically have a 50-50 chance of making the transfer successfully....
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    Doesn't the app data get synced back if you restore from backup? I remember my iPod started being weird a few months ago so I did a restore from backup, and all my progress in games and high scores were still within each game.

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