Using Xserve RAIDs for Web Hosting

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Cepe Indicum, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Hi. Hope someone can help me out...

    I'm hoping to start a business later in the year (in the UK, not that it makes much of a difference for this query), and would like to host my own website. I have some web-design skills (using Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.), and would really like to be as self-sufficient as possible.

    I've read what I can about the Xserve line - from the Apple website itself, as well the web generally - but can't really find a lot of info on using Xserve RAIDS to host a website. I know it's possible from Apple's website, and I will be talking to Apple reps at their stores soon, but thought I'd 'talk' to you all first...

    My questions then...
    - Does anyone here use Xserves to host their own website?
    - Can anyone suggest good articles (etc.) in this area?
    - Are there training courses for the admin etc. that you can recommend?

    I hope there are no silly comments in this post, but if there is please correct me! Thanks in advance for your help. :)
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    If you're dedicating a server to hosting, then it is arguably the least relevant part of the whole setup in terms of initial planning.

    What sort of pipe are you getting? Or are you colocating the server? How many sites do you intend to host? etc etc.
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    An XServe RAID on it's own cannot host or serve anything. It's a pure play RAID array. You still need an XServe to access the disks over fibre channel and serve the content.

    Just in case we weren't clear on the capabilities of the box...
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    Firstly, thanks to both of you for your help. Much appreciated. However, I think I might be running before I can walk, so to speak.

    Any chance you could start at the beginning for a beginner? Please consider that I have no training or previous experience in this area, at all! Sorry.

    Just a very quick overview of what I need to start off - assuming, to answer one of your questions Sesshi - that I am only hosting two websites, but that they have the potential to attract high-ish numbers of people and include many web-pages / downloadable documents.

    Really, thanks so much for your help. If you think I should be looking elsewhere on the web for advice, please let me know.

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    OK. I would say that unless you specifically want to set things up from the outset - laying leased lines, configuring servers from scratch, etc, look at virtual hosting or colocated / managed solutions where they have a server ready for you to load up.
    Verio has it's VPS plans where they give you a virtual server of your own with a fixed-speed connection to the Internet, and no bandwidth charges. So it is virtually like colocating your server already set up for web hosting duties with them.

    When you outgrow services like VPS, then you can move to your own setup.

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