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V3 Razr

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by jammer08, May 26, 2006.

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    I have been searching the net for hours, and am still with out an answer.. so I'll try here-

    I have a V3 Razr, and would like to run Salling Clicker on it, but unfortunaly the firmware or something doesn't support it. Does anyone know of a flash or different firmware that would work on the V3 and also allow me to use Salling Clicker?.. if so I would be extremely happy. Thanks in advance.
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    Guess not..
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    From what I've heard Salling Clicker doesn't work with the Razr phone
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    Razr V3, V3c, and V3m dont have JAVA/J2ME the language that clicker is written in. They run their apps in BREW, another language. Razr V3i and V3x do support JAVA/J2ME and therefore can run clicker.

    I have a V3c.

    At present I'm
    1) trying to talk Jonas into porting clicker to BREW, and
    2) I'm trying to find a V3c firmware with JAVA/J2ME support to flash into my razr.
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    yeah, it won't work off hand, but I have heard there is a way to get it to.
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    Same here... mine isn't a V3i or V3x :( ... I have been Googling for a while, and havn't really found what I need to get this to work.. I'll head over to that thread and check it out.. Thanks! :)
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    If your successful with Jonas, I would be very interested... I just signed up with T-Mobile (swiched from Verizon), and am completely unsatisfied... I am thinking about going to Cingular, and maybe getting a supported phone with them, since Salling Clicker is really the only way to control your Airport Express remotely... plus Clicker supports WiFi now... if I get a supported WiFi enabled phone, I think that will be a great setup.
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    FWIW, there are some other options....

    But I don't have an Airport Express (I have an Aiport Extreme) so no firsthand experience. My last phone was a Nokia 3650 which supported various remote control programs, but I never ended up using any of them.... :eek:
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    I have a V3 my uncle gave me (Cingular Wireless). It was his phone, and he switched to Verizon and didn't need it. The phone didn't like my SIM card for some reason, and the pricks at Cingular said "You don't meet the requirements to unlock this phone"...basically I didn't pay $200 for it or sign up for another one of their ****** 2yr contracts.

    Anyway, long stort short, I unlocked my phone myself but flashing and flexing. Its a total pain in the arse, but you can start you search here. Now, my phone does all sorts of crap, like video camera and tons of games, and most importantly for you it definately has Java (JavaME to be exact). Once the phone is unlocked, there is a TON of crap you can do with it.

    As a side note, this is a subject of COMPLETE AND UTTER FRUSTRATION to me. I can't believe a cell phone company can dictate WHAT you can do with the equipment YOU bought. Its not like you are leasing or renting it...YOU FRIGGEN BOUGHT IT! Instead, they hobble the phones to the point that they suck. Good job, peeps.
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    Well, you're the one that bought the crap hardware with the crap company ;)

    My razr v3 pisses me off often, but i can live with it.
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    Yeah, but that requires a direct line of sight with the reciever, and that won't work out for my setup.. plus, I was looking for an option with a display... but thanks!
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    Glad to hear it!!.. That means that there is hope for me, as that is the language that Salling Clicker uses.. If you recall, can you please let me know which Monster Pack you used? Also, did you notice any difference in reception after the unlock? Thanks!
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    The problem is that EVERYONE does it. Its not like Cingular sucks, but Verizon is better. My friend has Verizon, and is part of a class action based on Verizon crippling the Blue Tooth on certain phones. Thats rediculous. I also used to have Sprint, and they were just as bad.

    Here is the bottom line. Outside of a few key technological differences (CDMA etc etc), there is NO REASON any particular phone cannot work on any network. The hardware is identical, for the most part, but the companies put in crap to force you to stay. You want to quit Cingular for Verizon, well, there goes that $400 PDA you bought.

    The same crap went on a long time ago when telephone service first started. If I am not mistaken, my dad told me that back in the day you had to buy your telephone from the telephone company, because Bell South had different hookups and crap than Nortel or whomever. Not only did that screw the consumer, since they were locked into one provider, but it also made competition die out, and thus technology go stagnant.

    Now, we seem to be going back to those days of yore. Now, if you want digital cable, digital phone, etc, etc, you have to get the equipment from the provider. Thats just stupid.
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    For my Razr, I believe I used the latest "Unbranded Cingular MP", 42.10R or something like that. When you download the file, it has JPJAVA in the name somewhere.

    The hardest part is the unlock, which required me to back-rev (downgrade) the bootloader from 8.23 to .07.DO so I can run the Motorola Unlock program. Just google "Motorola Unlocker", and you should find it. You will also need RSD Lite, or some other Motorola flashing program, to do the bootloader downgrade.

    Once this is done, flex and reflash with whatever you want. I used a standard USB/A->USB/B cable, plugged it into my IBM laptop (the tools all run under Windows), and ran RSD Lite to send the images to the phone. I think I did the flex first, then the reflash. I also thing they have images that are both the flex and flash in one...could be mistaken.

    Once you are done, you have an unlocked phone with all the default Motorola software on it. From there, you can add new skins (I use a Mac OSX skin that looks awesome), record video using the new "Video Camera" feature, etc, etc. You may want to download something like P2KMan to aid in this sort of modding. It allows you to easily attach to the phone and see/modify ALL the files there.
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    if you have a PSP this app is pretty cool for controling iTunes (and thus airport express). i keep intending to try it out on my brother's PSP but keep forgetting. i've heard good things about it thouh, and it sounds really cool since you can see the album art on it!

    ... now i have to go play with my V3 again (it was a pain the first time around i flashed and flexed and all that stuff) but it would be worth it if i could get salling clicker on it! maybe i will also try running everything from my mini (booted in windows of course!)
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    Screen shots of my phone...

    I have to warn you...Photobooth mirrors everything, so the images are backwards.

    This is my little logo...http://www.codechimp.net. This appears instead of the little orange Cingular man logo.

    My new menu. Upper left (right in picture) shows you what network the phone is currently using...very handy when traveling. You can also see the new "Video Capture" option.

    This is what happens when you goto Apps/Games in the menu.

    This is the list of apps that came with the Monster Pack I used. The first game, which you cant see, is Billiard. All are Java ME, and place a little coffee cup on the status bar at the top of the phone when ran.

    Golf game in action. See the coffee cup in the center of the status?

    Thats all I took. If there are any more screenies you want me to try to get, let me know.

    Oh, and BTW, even though the phone is unlocked, it still syncs with iSync just fine.
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    Have you tried running SailingClicker since you flashed it? :)
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    Nah, not really. Have no use for it. I don't think its freeware either. Then again, I *DID* flash my phone, so aparently such laws do not phase me :cool:
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    I'm sorry -- that didn't make any sense because I confused you with the original poster. :eek: He was the one who had the SC interest. :)
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    Yes, with no luck.. same error - "Application Error".. :confused: :mad: :(
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    Yes, I had all of that, even before my flash... would you mind installing Salling Clicker and trying to run it? :)
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    That looks awesome... but I don't have a PSP. :(
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    I tried to hit the wap.salling.com address...then I realized, I don't have a data plan since I never use web access anymore.

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    no bluetooth?

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