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Video Card Upgrade - Need help!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by daver11, Apr 17, 2007.

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    I have a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5 (AGP 8X Pro / PCI-X (not PCI-Express)).

    I want to upgrade my video card. What is the absolutely best video card available for me? What is the short list of the best cards available?

    I have searched all over, but I just keep getting more confused. I've searched this forum and found some answers, but I'm still confused...

    Please enlighten me!
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    Before the video card help, maybe a little keyboard help? ;)
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    NVIDIA 6800 GT < ATI x800XT < NVIDIA 6800 Ultra

    Some will say that the only reason for the Ultra being "better" than the ATI is that it can push 2 30" displays. I have the ATI, and it's awesome.
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    I have a BFG 7800GS in my dual 1.8 AGP8x G5, That preforms as a GT. That card right there is the absolute best AGP card you can put in a Powermac.
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    Will the ATI x800XT run both a 30" and 23" Cinema Display together? (I'm currently running two 23"-ers, but I want a 30").

    Also, are there any PCI-X cards available? I'd like to have 2 video cards, rather than sharing the VRAM...
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    I checked the BFG Tech website, and they do not show this card as being supported by Mac. Did you have to flash the firmware or something?
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    Yes it will push a 23 and a 30". You'll need the 6800 ultra to push 2 30". Good luck finding them though:
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    Yes, and changed an opengl driver to use the 7800GT engine on the 7800GS. This card is probably you cheapest option (well for new cards anyways) and the most powerful.

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