Visualizing a world without logos

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by NXTMIKE, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Funny. I count eight logos at the bottom of that page. :D

    Logos will never go away. Every man, woman and their dog seems to want one.
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    ...and they seem to want "free" ones on the MR forums. :p
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    It is not just that they want logos; they need logos. These marks of tradesmen and craftsmen have been around for hundreds of years. They distinguish one producers product from another. In the case of many products, they are the only thing that distinguishes one product from another.

    My take on this video is that the guy is developing his logo-hiding software tongue-in-cheek.
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    Not necessarily. I've worked with enough inhouse teams across different disciplines to know which ones are content with the corporate branding... and those teams who, for some reason, whether money or ambition, think they're a little special and need a little logo of their own. Empire builders. :D
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    I agree with BV, logos will never go away, nor will advertising/marketing. Aside from creating revenue and profit for businesses both big and small, it is also what helps to create, influence and define our culture ie. trends/fashion/technology/sports/music/masculinity/femininity/politics and so on (like it or not).

    The technology is interesting nonetheless. I think this guy is actually serious, or so it would seem, somewhat, sure the faces were tongue-and-cheek but I am pretty sure they would develop it so it would just be washed with an overlay of the surrounding colour. I would love to see him edit a video of someone taking a stroll down Times Square. :D
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    Various forms of identity have been around far longer than just hundreds of years. The last two summers I spent a month each in Switzerland doing study abroad. One thing we focused on in the summer of '09 was the Swiss guild signs. A very primitive form of a logo, these signs were to aid those that didn't know how to read. The various symbols on the signs told what each business specialized in. Think of the pawn shop globes. They have significant meaning. We found a sign hanging on a building that has been hanging there since the early 14th century. Nearly 700 years old!

    One particular sign that I remember was to aid those traveling the Way of St. James pilgrimage. It was littered with symbolism, signifying the safe haven of the riverside inn in Fribourg, CH. Again, those pilgrims of yesteryear (and even those today) use the sign of a sea shell (scallop) to signify their journey. The entire path has hidden symbols—on buildings, signs, fountains, etc—to notify people they are on the right track.

    Logos are here to stay. While I personally don't care for a lot of the poorly designed ones, i.e. those created by untrained designers, I really appreciate seeing the clever works of art that are contained in many quality marks of identity. Sorry for the bit of a tangent, but this stuff fascinates me!
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    Logos make me feel special

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