vSSH - SSH and Telnet client for Mac OS X

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    Dec 19, 2012

    We would like to introduce you our app vSSH - advanced customizable SSH and Telnet client with iCloud connections, macros and keys sharing.

    Key fetures:
    - SSH and Telnet protocols
    - Username/password and public/private Keys authentication
    - Multi-sessions with tabbed interface
    - iCloud connections, macros and keys sharing with other vSSH apps (for iPhone, iPad and OS X)
    - Key forwarding
    - Port forwarding
    - Macros with variables support
    - Select and Copy/Paste text
    - Customize fonts and colors
    - Reset your private data at any time
    - Logging
    - Auto/fixed terminal size settings
    - Pseudographics support
    - Auto-run command after connect
    - Association with *.vssh file format and ssh:// telnet:// vssh-ssh:// vssh-telnet:// URI schemas
    - Wide unicode characters (e.g. korean) are supported

    iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X versions are available.

    Official web-site: http://www.velestar.com
    AppStore (Mac): http://itunes.com/mac/velestarprivateenterprise/vssh
    AppStore (iPhone): http://itunes.com/apps/velestarprivateenterprise/vssh
    AppStore (iPad): http://itunes.com/apps/velestarprivateenterprise/vsshhd

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