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iPad mini Wacom bamboo stylus and iPad mini

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by fenjen, Nov 19, 2012.

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    So my wacom bamboo stylus doesn't work well at all with my mini. With low pressure it doesn't get detected at all. I have to press so that the rubber tip flattens in order to use it. I've tried this with my iPad 3 and with pretty low pressure it still works. Is this a general issue with the mini or maybe due to my screen protector or is it my specific mini?
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    If you have an apple store nearby then just go into the store and use the stylus on one of the display minis. It could very well be an issue with the screen protector.
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    Might have to do that then. Don't like to go all the way back but if no one else uses this combo I guess it's the only choice.
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    Most likely it's the screen protector
    There is an easy way to test the theory ;)
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    I took of the screen protector and the problem lessened, but was still there. I compared it to the show models and mine was definitely a bit less responsive which is pretty annoying when trying to write or sketch with the pen.

    They have sent it back to Apple. I hope I'll get a new one and that it won't take to long.
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    I now use the combo (iPad mini + Bamboo stylus), and it works fine for me. I don't really have much basis for comparison since I have only used this stylus with this iPad, but I definitely do not need to flatten the stylus tip. It takes a bit more force than using my finger, but just barely.

    It seems to be a bit more responsive using the Bamboo Notebook app compared to using the Paper app.

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