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Wait to register computer?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mr. Monsieur, May 12, 2004.

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    I am the proud new owner of a 14 inch iBook and am wondering if there is any sense in waiting to register the computer with Apple until I actually need to use applecare...how do they know that I own this computer?
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    u might be able to cheat a month or so depending on who you purchased it from. but probably not too much because they probably know estimates of when certain serial number groups were shipped out.
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    I would assume they'll ask for your receipt...
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    They can ask for the receipt before they provide AppleCare. It's in the contract.

    Why would you want to give them an excuse to deny your claim? Just play by the rules.
  5. 7on
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    It's not mandatory to register, but wouldn't you want the free year of MacWorld that you'd get?
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    They know for sure :) It's in the serial number something like "UV41306923BBB" pick out the [413] part, and youll see, your computer was fabricated in week 41 of 2003 (or week 13 of 2004, i'm not sure about that)
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    I always register my Mac as part of the setup process. At our local Apple Store there is no need to bring in a receipt, they are able to look of the information there. I agree there is no reason to wait, why miss out on a free gift. :)
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    Mr. Newbie

    Fair enough...but how does that work? I registered the computer...do they automatically start sending me MacWorld?

    (Thanks for all your insights, by the way!)
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    Always register your computers Apple Care, sometimes if you do not register you can lose a few days or week on the coverage, they will use the start date for the coverage on the day the computer was built not when you bought it. So register so your coverage starts as soon as you buy the computer.
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    MacWorld? I've registered my computer back in October, and have never received one issue of MacWorld.
    What gives? :confused:
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    you should have gotten some sort of email, or popup (i don't remember even though I just got mine about 2 mo. ago). i chose the digital method... zinio reader yeah!

    on topic:
    please register the comp to activate apple care. it makes the most sense.
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    I have been getting the MacWorld Magazine free because of Apple purchases. Although for some reason I haven't received my May or June magazine yet. Anyone else missing theirs?

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