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Want some input on my ps creation Warning:(marijuana related)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by dlamin517, May 5, 2010.

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    I am making a promotional image for an activist group at my college campus. This is what i have come up so far. If anyone good at photoshop has any good suggestions or anyone has any feedback i would greatly appreciate it. Im not looking to start a debate, just want input on my work. Thanks

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    Nice work!:)

    but frankly i don't like the text:eek:
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    the style or the actual phrase
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    Same here. The style of the text clashes with the rest of the design. Try some other fonts and make it more interesting with some texture that compliments the background. Keep playing with it. I like the rest or the design, although it portrays nothing about rights or growing, to me, just pot.
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    ok thanks. ya its not a full out poster for the group. they wanted something minimal that leaves the people to make the connection. instead of the leaf as just 'pot' they want it to be symbolic of an extension of our rights. just simple. "grow" was supposed to be a play on words for weed, since you grow marijuana. they are working on the tagline but this is the basic idea
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    I dunno. The font looks pretty damn fantastic when you're stoned. Just sayin.
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    The pixel stroke on the leaf needs an instant banishment.
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    Dude, you're harshing my mellow with that image. Use timg tags man.
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    A lot of things look bloody fantastic when you're stoned. just saying. :D

    2nd that.
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    Most of the effects used should be banished. Then again, I am not high.
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    I agree the pixel stroke on the leaf is a bit much. Reduce it and maybe change the colour.
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    I think the leaf would look better drawn, or at the very least posterized.
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    What's up with the little piece of bud coming out of the leaf like that?
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    Yes, however, the text should simply reinforce what the image says, since that's what people will see first and remember most. So incorporate your political agenda into the image, not just the text. :)
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    Ergh seeing this makes me wish I didn't have to get tested for work. I like it personally.
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    Thanks for the new wallpaper ;)
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    I like it!

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