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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by markelim, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Hi guys, i recently have a urge to learn something new and i want to be able to create iphone apps. I know its not a straight forward answer but is it easy to pick up? i have taken AP computer science in my high school so the only experience i have is Java. The OTHER option i was thinking off was to learn how to create websites, from searching around, i believe its written in php or html ? are those easier to pick up.

    bottom line is a wanna learn a new language and the languages above both have great payoffs (iphone app or website) that would be awesome if i could achieve 1 by the end of this year....that was my new years resolution.

    please chime in your advice and suggestions

    thanks, happy new year

    - Mark
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    you can do both!

    They're both interesting and if you're keen on learning it and work towards it, you can be good at doing both in a year's time.

    for website learning: go thru html first. its very simple and straightforward. once you're comfortable with it you can read thru css, dhtml, xml etc.

    iphone apps: you need to learn objective-C. there are sticky topics in this forum guiding you on that. i recommend Kochan's learning objective-c book.
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    I ran across a book in a local bookstore on Objective C for Java programmers. Perhaps that kind of book would be a good start from someone already familiar with Java programming.

    For web development, you might want to try your hand at web apps written in Javascript. You can experiment with a lot of Javascript just using your web browser.
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    how do I start

    hey guys ... I am new to this forum just registered 5 mins ago... I also want to pick up to be able to program for APPLe.

    I have no idea how do I start even?? So any advise is really appreciated man!

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    thanks for the references and tips guys. i found this source for starting out learning the language: http://www.cocoalab.com/?q=becomeanxcoder. hopefully it will help those who want to pick it up too.
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    Become an Xcoder is quite out of date, but it's free and if you are already familiar with other languages/platforms you can probably make some use out of it.

    I would recommend http://cocoadevcentral.com/ and the companion book http://cocoabook.com/ as being more up to date if you already know how to program in some other language and want to dabble.

    I'd also recommend Kochan's book Programming in Objective C 2.0 and his site http://classroomm.com/ if you don't know how to program in any other language or really want to learn Objective-C 2.0 from scratch. He doesn't delve into Cocoa until very late in the book, but it's really well done.

    EDIT: Another great free resource is the iTunes U course from Stanford.

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    ok ill be sure to give those a look, thanks. Learning the language is one thing..what about implementing it to create a actual iphone app ? is that a whole another step to learn ?
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    The Stanford iTunes U course is focused 100% on that. Depending on how comfortable you are with learning as you go you can actually start there, you develop a basic calculator app in the first two hours of the course.

    Stevenson's book is sort of in-between and gets to Cocoa faster, while Kochan's book focuses more on the fundamentals of Objective C, but touches on Cocoa at the end of the book.

    It all depends on you what suits your way of learning best.

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    alrite thanks, i watched a few tutorials online and the syntax seems very similar to java. What Stanford coarse are you referring too ? there are a few on itunes.
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    Should be a link in the Sticky FAQ at the top of this forum.
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    ok thanks, silly question here, bear with me please. Im getting confused with Cocoa and Objective C. are they the same ? or what
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    Objective C is the language. Cocoa is a UI framework/API.

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    oh thanks for the link and clearing that up.

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