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Wanting to Switch to the iMac 17"

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by SwitchHitter, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Hmm, I was hoping for an announcement around the iMac and either increased memory, lower price, etc. Nothing. I've been waiting for about two months to order the iMac (getting the latest and greatest).

    Since there weren't any announcements today - should I wait to buy? I want to buy something in the next month or so - and i'm anxious to make the switch to Apple from PC.. BUT, I don't want to buy the current 17", if it'll be updated in the next 60 days.

    Anyone have advice?

    BTW, I like the new apps, etc. that will go along with all the macs.
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    I'm in the same boat with SwitchHitter. Just waiting to get the latest and greatest on the iMac. Since it's not upgradable, I don't want to buy right before the next version comes out.

    So, what's the current thinking on when Apple will announce and deliver at least a 1 GHz iMac?

    The new apps have me even more anxious to get off this PC. And, I'm glad to see Apple's got their own browser now. Keynote looks great. Hopefully, they'll offer great alternatives to all of MS's Office applications. I really don't want to give MS any more money.

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    I guess it can be outfitted with the 1gig now, but I also wonder if the 80 gig will/would also increase.

    Any insights/recommendations from Apple employees out there???
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    All signs point to upgraded iMacs later this month or early next month. Definately worth the wait. I would expect faster processor, better graphics, built in bluetooth, maybe firewire 2, faster superdrive, and maybe 19 inch screens.
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    Centris 650

    Gotta agree for the most part. If you've waited 2 months 3 more weeks won't hurt. The buzz is that the desktops will be bumped up some this February. I too was waiting on MWSF to see if they bumped the Power or imacs or a price drop. Though now I'm looking at a Ti17 but can't justify it.

    Wait...or atleast wait for a good sale. When the desktops are bumped up I doubt it will be a major bump. (outside of FW2, Bluetooth, DDR (iMac), etc. Doubtful of any major speed bumps.)
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    I was going to get the iMac if it were upgraded a lot at MWSF, but instead I'm getting an iBook since my sister likes hers a lot, it seems like a good value, and I'd rather not wait to get a new computer since I am going back to school in a bit over a week and would prefer to have the computer before I go back.
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    ..the imac sux on os-x.

    ..im waitin' for a quiet powermac tower.
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    good luck :p
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    Centris 650

    Really? I wonder why? Which iMac? I can imagine how my Rev A would choke on Jaguar but the flat panels should handel it fine. My Graphite iBook SE works fine with osx. (Though iPhoto has some resolution problems.)
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    my powermac mdd is great. it is silent, it sits right next to my bed and i go to sleep with it on(not in sleep mode, actually being on). my lacie burner on top of it is a hell of lot louder than my powermac. i must have been lucky becasue my powermac has never gotten any louder than any other computer ive had.

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    um. no? i find it hard to believe that you've ever used a FP iMac based on that comment. I have a 17" iMac, and I, as well as almost all imac owners, believe that it runs OS X great. Sure it's not going to be as fast as the dual 1.25, but i definitely would not say it sucks. Is there any reasoning behind that comment? If there is, please explain.
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    ..dragging the mouse and the finder window trailing in it's wake...i demoed several imacs at micro anvika / john lewis etc.. and i wasn't very impressed.

    ..that is ridiculous IMHO...espec. considering there'sn a mx4/32 .. that's a pretty nippy card.

    ..at macnn , we came to the conclusion that the lack of level 3 cache doesn't help the problem.

    ..the dp mac has none of those problems...now that DID impress me , incredible response in x , dual monitors and wasn't nearly as loud as i was led to believe !
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    You had some fscked up iMacs. My friend's G4 450MHz does better than what you are describing. Also, my dual 867 is noisy. I *almost* wish I'd gottent the iMac (but not enough to justify the extra $300 and limited expandability).
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    Bah, i run a dual 867, two CRT monitors, and an external CDRW. Behind be is a dual 500 sawtooth and another CRT. None of these noises disturb me at all. If I had to complain about something, itd be the noise from my minifridge. quit whining, the 867 is much more silent than my friend's dell.

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