We are doomed: Robots are running from us.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MrMacMan, Jul 16, 2003.

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    well it sounds more like a gust of air took it away, but you never know. My toaster has been acting odd, maybe it knows something.....
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    Just in time for Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

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    Yeah, I watched a story on the daily show about a talking toaster, they partner together and... well you know...
    I was thinkins such as well.
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    This is where we find the silver lining in Microsoft's dominance of the computer landscape: we never have to worry about our machines being smarter than humans, or invulnerable to attack.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ah, that's until the machines start making their own machines - that's when things get interesting...

    There was another incident of a robot *escaping*


    good stuff :D

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    Hmmmmm, both robots escaped from the SAME research facility. Do robots have the same rights as humans and animals and do these escapes indicate that they are being treated inhumanely? Should we "save the robots?"

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    Are we going to debate robot rights? :D My question is how does the robotic plane know where it can and can't land?
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    hmm same Magna center for both articles, I thought the quote at the end of that last article was amusing. "But there's no need to worry, as although they can escape they are perfectly harmless and won't be taking over just yet."

    Just yet eh?
  10. Das
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    So the prophetic visions of Short Circuit are coming to pass! Johnny five alive! Johnny five alive!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, doomsday, terminator and all - the potential is there for some serious crap - I just hope things don't ever get out of hand....:(

    All it takes is one individual trying an *experiment* that doesn't go quite the way they planned and you've got problems. This goes for biotech, nanotech as well...

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    Speaking of which. Has anyone here read Michael Crichton's "Prey"? Its a good read dealing with the possibility of nano/biotech gone wrong.
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    How does cowardly robots running for there lives equal doom for us?
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    BTW, I wrote that story, its faked. :rolleyes:

    Their Adapting.
    What? What do you mean Adapting?
    (If you know where that is from :) )
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    I know that quote just can't place the movie...

    They're adapting... hmm... best guess is Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park?

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