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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SCMedic, Feb 8, 2008.

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    I tried Camino and Firefox this morning, and neither support mulit-touch.. Are you all relegated to using Safari? Or does anyone really care?
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    It's early days for Multi-Touch. In time - especially once all of Apple's laptops have MT keypards - I'm sure most apps will support it, but for now it's really only going to be Apple's own software...
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    And that's what I figured.. Yet I still see everyone talking about firefox... Isn't that one of the features that made you buy the MBA? Or is it all form?
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    Oh, I'm sure that other developers will get on board - in a year's time we'll be seeing a lot of apps that use MT, I'm sure (possibly not that long if the MBP MT update happens soon).

    Firefox has always been a bit slow to pick up on new Mac tech, though, so don't hold yer breath... ;)

    In the meantime, the Air is still a fabulous piece of kit...
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    I dumped firefox on my MBA to exclusively use Safari for my web browsing needs so I can take advantage of the multi-touch gestures.

    Its funny, last night, I fired up my Dell Latitude X1 and was trying to use the multi touch gestures on it. :D
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    Ha! I do that all the time with other people's phones..

    <-------iPhone :)
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    I use Omniweb so hopefully they won't have too big of a problem integrating in Multitouch.
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    I've been using Safari now since I can use all the gestures. I don't miss firefox, I actually like this Leopard version of Safari just fine. To me I don't notice any differences.
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    I've done the same thing. I'll probably go back to Firefox once they add the gesture support, but maybe not.
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    I d/l the latest webkit release last night and I've been impressed so far. It is much snappier than the current release of Safari. It seems perfectly stable and best of all the multitouch gestures work perfectly.


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