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Web Hosting recommendation?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by margotspop, Jan 14, 2005.

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    I know this one has been done a few times before, but I forget now the ones that were mentioned. I want someplace that's cheap, will allow me to customize my site and maybe even upload some mp3's for download.

    I remember that some host that's been mentioned a few times - anyone recall the name?

    Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks.
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    i use this host. it cheap, you get a lot of advanced features, and if they dont have it they most likely wont have trouble getting it. my hosting was $35 for a whole year. its a very flexible company and they do most anything to make the customer happy.
  3. slu
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    I use arteryplanet.net

    They have many advanced features as well and it costs about $45/year for their cheapest plan. And domain registration is just $10 with a plan.
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    I use Lunarpages for my hosting. GoDaddy is good for domain registration as well.
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    How timely .... that must be "a small orange", checkout the parallel thread:
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    Westside guy

    If someone is looking for a more professional level of hosting that's still pretty inexpensive - I've been very happy with Dreamhost. It's basically $8 a month for their lowest end plan, but even that is more than enough for most any small business.

    It's certainly overkill for what the original poster wants, though.

    Before I switched to them I did some asking around and hunting. Dreamhost has secure access options for most everything, which you'd think would be typical but turns out to be surprisingly unusual. Why anyone would log in to their email in plaintext or use FTP for file uploads nowadays is beyond me! :confused:

    Edit: I'd originally put $10 a month when actually it's $8.
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    Thanks for the recommendations guys - just got back from the weekend. Will check them all out.

    Thanks again
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    I've had not issue with Macosx.com

    Been using macosx.com for about 5 months and it has been very reliable.

    Cost: $10/year for 100 MB webspace & IMAP e-mail.

    Pricing options exist for more webspace.
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    i have used surpasshosting.com and they are cheap for a ton of space. very reliable. also, equivity.com is very good too.
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    www.doteasy.com is a good one. If you register a domain name with them or transfer one to them you get free hosting with 100mb storage and 1gb of bandwidth, as well as 10 pop or webmail accessable email addresses. You can upgrade to 1gb storage, 20gb of bandwidth, 100 email addresses, as well as PHP, SQL, and other server side hosting features for $8 per month.

    They have had really good customer service for me and my 4 sites I maintain through them, and also the half dozen my father-in-law manages through them. Thier registration fees are pretty good, too. Maybe not the best, but definately competitive with anyone else.

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    Did you happen to check out there tech support? They charge per incident.

    evel 1 - Non-Priority Support - $12.95 per incident
    Support Schedule - Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm CST (10 hour response or less)

    Level 2 - Priority Support - $18.95 per incident
    Support Schedule - Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm CST (6 hour response or less)

    Level 3 - Priority Extended Hour Support - $24.95 per incident
    Support Schedule - Sunday - Saturday, 8am - 10pm CST (4 hour response or less)

    Call me crazy BUT that's a little TOO expensive.

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    I ended up going with DreamHost. Small Orange wasn't taking on new people at the time, but the deal with DreamHost was too good to resist. A year's web hosting - plus domain name registration - all for less than $10. They have a special offer going for new sign-ups. They seem professional and offer everything I need for now.
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    All I know is if you come across a hosting company by the name of "Hostony.com", DO NOT even bother. I had the worst experience with them. There servers were constantly down and the support was practically non-existent. Just a heads up.

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    i use a small company called Cyberwurx... http://www.cyberwurx.com

    not sure if they have the same deal i got.. but for $15/mo i get 800mb webspace, 15 gig of bandwidth a month, mysql, php, perl, 10 pop accounts (sorry no imap :() ssh access, on a shared server... it's a pretty sweet deal.. and anytime i've had a problem any emails i sent are usually replied to within an hour at tops.. great company, couldn't recommend them more
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    A Small Orange is a very good choice for beginning web developers. We're actually going to sign up with them today for their Tiny service ($30 a year) and a domain name ($10 a year). When you think about it, that's... $3.33 a month? I mean cmon, you spend more on drive-thru lunches a DAY than you do on that a MONTH! I'll post back here later once we've signed up to let you know if they stand up to their already stunning reviews. :)
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    They will do. ASO have been excellent for me, and continue to be.

    Paying customers don't lie :)
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    Most of these seem like options, but which has the best online tools to build a site without using an applcation on your mac. Or is there a good freeware program that i could buy.
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    freeware that you can buy....hmmmmm....:p
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    Oops i meant download. It said shareware but then i changed it to freeware and didn't change the rest of the sentence.
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    Try NVU - it ain't really competition for Dreamweaver, but it's better than you might expect given that it's based on Mozilla:


    Of course, it's open source :cool:
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    Back with a definite "yes" concerning asmallorange.com. Setup was amazingly fast, and everything's running very smoothly. I was amazed by the amount of features you get for the price! :eek:
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    ASO is definitely a company i would consider when my 1&1 trial ends, but thats still two years away.
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    I have the 1&1 "trial" too... 3 free years. I have two years left as well. I never use it though :rolleyes:
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    A Small Orange all the way!!

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