Web-site design software as simple as iWeb, but better?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by nygiants242, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Hey Guys,

    I am going to be making a website for a small business idea I have over the next few weeks. It doesn't need to be too complicated or anything, and I don't know how to code. I have used iWeb in the past for another website, and felt it was a little limiting. The simplicity was awesome though and it was super easy to use.

    Therefore, my question is:
    Does a program exist that is as simple as iWeb but perhaps has more functionality/detail? Again, I don't want anything code-based.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Ahh the search for the holy grail... I'm also interested in this.
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    NO NO NO
    We don't want to be trapped in some half-assed template for our websites.
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    Agreed. Any other ideas/suggestions?
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    Just switched from PC to Mac and also looking for something to use. Any other suggestions?
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    Espresso 2 or Coda 2. Rapidweaver which has already been mentioned. Non of these are iWeb but are simple to learn and use.
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    Web-site design software as simple as iWeb, but better?

    All you need is a domain. Web address. Hoster.

    Wordpress. Free

    A website of your choice for max $40 from themeforest .com

    No coding. Professional website. Easy content management.

    I even had a company ask me to contact him as he liked my website so much. (I'm a print graphic designer)
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    That is the best way, but that's not quite as simple as iWeb though.

    The themes there are great. It's useful to have HTML/CSS knowledge if going down this route, in case the theme doesn't allow you to modify it through the front-end.

    You also need knowledge of FTP, installing WordPress, creating a MySQL database for WordPress, installing the theme, etc, etc. Theme developers on ThemeForest don't help with that sort of stuff, they assume you know all that stuff already.
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    I use powweb.com as my hoster. They are very Wordpress friendly. Yes there is some learning but to be honest I have no idea what MYSLQ is and many if these other technical terms. There is a far amount of experimenting but without iWeb I wanted to see what my other options are.

    The themes can be installed from the Wordpress login area.
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    I have tried them all, and concluded and decided that Joomla is the best.

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