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WebOS did it better

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by apple-5cs, Sep 22, 2013.

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    It was faster.
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    and its dead. your point?
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    That it is. Moment of silence.
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    There is a reason why WebOS is dead and buried. Whats your real point- It sucked.
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    Actually WebOS isn't dead, the TouchPad is dead.
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    No actually in the original form it is dead- The big purchase was a let down and dropped to the bargain bin of the development world.
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    We promised we'd never speak of this.

    It never happened.
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    Actually it didn't suck at all. It was great in many regards. Did you even use it? What did suck was the hardware, sales figures, and HP's bailing on it.
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    Loved my pre. Love my iPhone. Overall, I like my iPhone better, but webOS has a special place in my heart. Infinitely customizable without jailbreaking. Beautiful design. And I used palm devices starting from the palm pilot.

    I like the idea of webOS living on through LG devices.

    Anyway, I guess I didn't contribute anything other than personal reflection, so I'll stop now.
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    That's why when WebOS was ported to the original iPad, the iPad ran it much faster than the TouchPad?
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    It was not a bad OS, HP did not know what to do with it and was out of their league in getting into the phone business. It is too bad no other big phone vendor took it on.

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