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webshuttle makes ibook crash!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kaldestad, Oct 4, 2003.

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    Plugging in my new hermstedt webshuttle modem while my ibook is on makes my screen crash. It is a scary multi-lingual message telling me to turn off my ibook. If I want to plug it in, it seems I have to do so while my computer is off, and hope I don't crash once I'm on. If I want to unplug it, it seems I have to go to internet connect and disconnect, and for the split second that it's disconnected, and hasn't yet tried to reconnect, I yank out the modem, and that seems to work. Is it supposed to be this delicate?
  2. Wes
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    Re: webshuttle makes ibook crash!!

    I have the same modem on 10.2.6 (Never going 10.2.8), and it has been nothing but problems. I am never getting another USB modem. After 10.2.4 the modem didn't even work and Hermstedt had to release another driver update. It's just generally not good. The kernel extensions with USB adsl modems make the system more unstable.
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    I just don't get it. Though I had a hunch that a (more expensive) ethernet connection was the way to go, I read so many good reviews of the webshuttle, I decided to go with the much cheaper option.(got the webshuttle for £40.) I read a lot of bad things about the omnipresent USB alcatel speed touch, but the webshuttle was supposed to have good Mac compatibility. Man, I am bummed. Anyone out there think I can get by with this thing, or is it destined for the trash?
  4. Wes
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    Re: webshuttle

    It'll work, just with more problems when you update the system/drivers etc.
  5. Wes
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    Some good news, the new drivers available from Hermstedt and running panther (B85) have removed many of my problems, I can upload and download at the same time for a year.

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