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weird ibook problem

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by question fear, May 13, 2005.

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    question fear

    I don't know if this is a logic board problem or not, hopefully someone here can help me out...
    About a week and a half ago, i woke my computer from sleep, and the screen was frozen exactly as it was before i put it to sleep. I couldn't get it to unfreeze, and so I forced it to reboot.
    Tonight, I put it down (while it was on) and it suddenly went totally black. not sleeping, just off. I plugged in the power supply and it chimed on, and up popped the grey apple screen and the little spinning circle. it rebooted fine, and i let it sleep and charge (when it died it was at around 80%). is this a logic board issue or something else? i can take it to the local apple store, but it would be nice if anyone had any thoughts.

    my ibook is a 900mhz g3 ibook with 256 ram. it is running mac os 10.2.8
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    i recently had the logic board problem, in my case the screen would freeze, i had several grey screens of death and some black screens - BUT when the screen was black the computer was still on, i found out cause when pumping up the volume via keyboard i heard the sound it makes... i could be your logic board, although the symptoms you have don't sound like the typical problems... probably only the apple store can find out...

    btw: no need to check your serial number cause ALL white g3 ibooks could suffer from LB problem. take your invoice of your ibook with you - they need it to check if your still in range for the repair (> 3 years of purchase date, no need for apple care)
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    question fear

    thanks for the quick reply. I will probably run it over to an apple store monday to have them check it out then. I know the symptoms were not specifically logic board (there were no horizontal lines, etc.) but you never know since the logic board problem seems kind of like a time bomb....it might go off, it might not, it might depend on if you pull the blue wire....(metaphorically-i haven't pulled any wires out recently).

    has your ibook been fine with the new logic board?

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    I've recently been in touch with 2 iBooks with logicboard problems - and i agree that your symptoms seem quite different...but who knows - take it to the applestore as you said.

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    no problems, yet. seems like the new board is doing a great job. only concern is that the usb ports on my new board seem kinda crappy, there is a cracking noise if shake the cable of a connected usb device, dunno if it's just my ports or if this is with all new boards - at least the ports work.
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    I have had my logic board replaced twice inthe past 4 months. Both time it had amlost the same syptoms as yours. Actually the same laptop.

    Take to the local store and talk to a genuis. They will help you out and if its not a logic board, help you from there. And it won't cost like the phone calls do. The last time I had it on for replacement, I took it to the towson store on a Satraday, and got it back on wednesday.

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