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weird MDD booting issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eegg0923754, May 5, 2012.

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    Every time I unplug my MDD from the wall OR leave it plugged in but leave it off for an extended period of time (3-4hrs). The machine wont boot without havinf to remove 3 sticks of RAM. It will always boot with 1 stick of RAM and after that i can add the other RAM and it will boot fine. I dont think its the PRAM battery as I have already tested it and replaced it. Anyone one know what could be the problem? I'd appreciate any suggestions thanks.
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    Also, when I boot after the extended period of time or after unplugging the machine the date and time are set to 1969 and not the time I orginially left it at.
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    Are you running Puma? I've heard of a time glitch in 10.1 (I wasn't sure if I remembered correctly so I asked google) that you could bypass by just enabling network time but that seems like not going to the root of the problem... :/
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    Couldnt this be due to a bad battery on the MOBO?
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    I am running Leopard...


    If by battery on the mobo you mean the PRAM battery then no, because I have switched out the battery already and the problem persists.
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    Dave H

    Could the PRAM battery possibly be in backwards?
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    Nope, just double checked and its in correctly
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    What you're describing sure sounds like PRAM battery related issues. Is there some corrosion on the battery contacts? Is it the correct battery?
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    I also say it's a bad PRAM battery. Did you reset the PMU after putting the PRAM battery back in by pressing the button one and only one time? Sometimes if you don't, the PMU will crash and drain a new PRAM battery in a few days time. My PowerMac G5 has a nasty habit of doing this.

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