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Weird Mouse Skipping Problem

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mikair, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, I'm having this weird mouse skipping/jumping problem. Here it goes:

    I have two monitors plugged in to the video card at all times. If the second display is on (power on), mouse works just fine. However, if I turn off this second monitor, I'll get repeating jumps on the mouse. Every 5 to 7 seconds the cursor will stop for a whole second, even if I keep moving the mouse, then it will jump to a distant place in the screen. Then I turn back on the second display, and mouse goes back to normal.

    I got a 1.1 Mac Pro with a flashed ati video card. I don't know if this problem is due to upgrading to snow leopard or from installing a flashed card.

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    Try repairing permissions with Disk Utility
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    Tried that, it did nothing. Thanks anyway
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    Do you have another mouse to try with?
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    It's a weird bug, but a common one. Mine does it too, I've goggled around and lots of people have the same problem. I think it depends on the make of the monitors.
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    thanks for the reply.

    ..gee that's awful. i'm guessing apple knows about it and did nothing so far. i googled a bit and searched apple discussions, found only a couple of posts.

    do you think it's exclusive to version 10.6.3 of OSX?
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    I'm not positive, but I think its associated with certain types of displays. I have a Samsung DLP TV plugged in that caused the problems.

    I've only used 10.6.2 and up on my MP, with a logitech wireless mouse
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    No, this has been going on for a while. Terrible that the issue still hasn't been sorted out.

    Out of interest, has anyone had this problem when using more than one GPU, and multiple monitors?

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    Yes, I have an Apple OEM 4870, and a GT120.
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    I have exactly the same problem here. Had it for 12 months on a 2009 Octo with the ATI card. Mighty Mouse (Wired or wireless), Magic Mouse Logitech mouse all the same.

    Also got the problem with quad 2009 MP with GT120 card.

    In my case Samsung monitors are a common factor. Only my main monitor is Samsung. My second monitor is LG on this machine. The other machine they are both Samsung.

    It's not only the mouse though. When playing back video it will jump at the same period as the mouse problem. It seems to be a general hiatus that is most noticeable with the mouse but not confined to it.

    An Apple store genius had never heard of it and has to resort to google while I was there to find out that the problem did exist.

    I just unplug my second monitor when I am not using it.
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    my two monitors are LG M288WA. I believe the issue has to do with ATI cards (4870/4890), but not the monitor brand.

    and apparently it has nothing to do with the fact that my card is a flashed PC card. people on apple discussions are facing the bug with stock ATI 4870/4890 cards bought from apple.

    I've already tested 3 mice (logitech / microsoft / bluetooth mighty mouse). the bug was there for all of them.

    it's quite outrageous that apple hasn't done anything about this...it's a common enough issue. but I guess they have more serious problems, such as the silly fight with adobe.

    note that it does NOT happen under windows, be it XP or win7.
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    I'm running a pair of HP w2228h monitors and an official 4870. It is possible to sole the problem, but it means running the second monitor using a DVI-VGA converter.

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    Since I have no DVI-VGA converter, I have to leave both monitors on at all times, even though I only need them both on when I'm editing video.

    This is a complete waste of energy. Thank you Apple for your huge concern for the environment! (not to mention my energy bill...)

    This has got to be the stupidest bug I've ever seen.

    Will VGA support 1680x1050 res?
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    What happens if you just disconnect the monitor from the computer? That works for me. I just plug it in when I need it (which it not often)
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    Have same problem, but i have Macbook pro 17 inch 2010 model. Its driveing me crazy... i am so pised. Dont know what to do with it...

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