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weird sign

Discussion in 'iPod' started by justinisham, Oct 16, 2005.

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    ok NOWWW it is doing something totally stupid... it shows a battery bar and than shows like a little lightening bolt through it... what in the world is this?
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    Is your iPod on power supply? What happen when you unplug it?
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    new sign for all the followers

    ok... now it says i have to plug it into the wall... one problem....... i dont have the wall plug in charger... what to do now...
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    plug into what wall?
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    What iPod do u have and u're charging it on a Mac/PC?
    Are you charging it directly from the computer's USB port or just from the keyboard's USB or whatsoever something like that.
    i do believe that you don't "need" the adapter to charge the iPod...
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    its a 20 gig color ipod... still pretty new.. i charging from the usb in the back of my computer and it acts like its not charging and it shows a little picture that shows the wall charger thing... so i dunno
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    is it possible to see the screen thing? take a screenshot perhaps?
    acts like its not charging or not charging?
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    well it cant be charging bc the ipod wont come on... im not sure if there is a way to make it automatically charge without going through itunes or whatever... i really am stumped on what to do.. i been working on this thing all night since i went to run with it earlier and it froze.. had to let the battery die and now im here... with a dead ipod from what it looks like... no way to screen shot it... all it is... is a simple plug going into the wall symbol thing
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    So long your iPod is connected to your active computer, it will be charged. Unless you have faulty USB port ;)

    Have you tried resetting your iPod?
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    Well, I'm not sure in your case, but I know that when I went months w/out turning on my 3rd gen iPod, it wouldn't turn on for a good chunk of time while it started charging; I guess the battery was 'too dead?' It ended up working fine later on... give your iPod some time?

    Did you already try the other suggestions?!

    :edit: Here's a link to Apple's Support site for the iPod; they have even put it into a movie format-- no excuses now, just follow along (I suppose? I haven't watched it). Linky
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    mad jew

    Did you update the firmware justinisham? If so, then plugging it into the computer will merely charge it (as you've noticed) but until you can find a power adaptor, it won't let you go any further. It needs to be given a surge of power from the adaptor to properly reset before you can re-sync your iPod. Can you borrow someone else's adaptor? Can you go to an Apple Store and get them to let you use one for a second. It won't take long, it's a matter of seconds.

    Just out of interest, what made you update the firmware (use iPod Software Updater)? Were there other problems with it beforehand?

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