weird tingling feeling while using iphone to browse?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by EvryDayImShufln, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Hey am I the only one or have you guys ever noticed a tingly feeling in your hand/hands while using the iphone to browse the net? This is one of the main reasons that I'm getting a case.

    I know it heats up, but I'm talking about more than just the heat.
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    Try to stick to G-rated websites, and the tingling will go away ;-)
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    Wow, I thought I really like the iPhone, but you must be really into it.

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    Carpal Tunnel? I know I feel like I'm going from using the touchpad on my laptop to a touchpad on my phone when I'm busy working all day, and my fingers and hands start to hurt.
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    soon you will start noticing hair in funny places and looking at girls, too
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    From page 11 of the manual: "do not lick the iPhone while browsing the internet."
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    This post plus the OP is making my day.

    OP are speaking of a electrical shock feeling? or....
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    It's not a shock feeling, its sort of a burning sensation in my HAND :p not anywhere else on my body lol.

    It's very strange, and only happens after prolonged use, maybe 20 mins of browsing or something.
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    It's the radiowaves that the phone emits. Yes, it is re-organizing the cell structure in your hand. No, it won't do anything aside from make your hand feel tingly for at least 30 years. Then you'll get cancer.
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    I also have felt what you are describing, but thought it was just my imagination.

    Perhaps it's a conspiracy?

    Seriously, now that somebody else has felt it, I wonder if we have defective phones or if you can feel the EDGE signals? I also feel it when it's sending/receiving email.
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    Check the SAR value for the iPhone if it is available.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Funny you should bring this up. Today I felt a vibration on my thigh with my iPhone on my hip holster. It wasn't like the vibrating that the phone gives in silent mode, but it was enough for me to see if a call or an SMS was coming in.
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    It's just phantom vibration; it's happened to me with every phone I've had.
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    Use some sort of lube:p
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    Chip NoVaMac


    First time for me though....
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    You guys crack me up!
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    Please don't post false information. You asked virtually the same question in another thread and were given a lot of good, scientific info on the subject. The OP also posted there, so had access to the same info. This is just plain pseudo-science. Just because something sounds like a good explanation and sounds believable, doesn't make it true.

    Sorry if this is coming on bit strong, but propagating myths doesn't help anybody. That, or I could have just fallen for some flame bait...:rolleyes:
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    You guys want to know something funny/interesting?

    As an update to this thread, I got a new iPhone a while back. This one does NOT give any sort of weird tingling feeling. I have a feeling something was up with the other one even though I don't exactly know what.
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    I don't have an iPhone, but I get a pleasing feeling when I stand too close to the washing machine.
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    I get this with any handheld device.
    its because you are probably holding it with one hand and therefore the small weight over time becomes unbearable for the muscles. the tingling feeling is probably a small hand muscle overloading on lactic acid and starting to vibrate.

    i would shift hands and position frequently, or get a stand for the iphone if you have a table or surface to put it on.
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    I honestly don't know how to account for it but I was 100% serious when I said my old one gave me a weird feeling. Even after just a few minutes. My new one DEFINITELY does not do that, because I remember thinking that I wanted to get a case initially to avoid this, but with my new one, that thought disappeared completely. I'm not saying it was microwaving my hand, but something was definitely different with my older one.
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    I'm 100% serious when i say this, not trying to be funny:

    When i have my iphone in my pocket or anywhere close to my testicles, they feel as if they tingle/tickle. It may be a mental thing because a while ago my mom showed me an article that after one year of carrying a cellphone anywhere around the waist will decrease fertility (in men) by 30%.

    Sorry if this sounds crude but in reality it feels strange. Did not happen with any of my other phones though.
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    What you've got there is some interactions between your iPhone's RDF and some other device - usually a MicroSoft product. You aren't standing near somebody with a Zune by any chance?
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    When my iPhone is in my Dual Dock, plugged just into the power, if I touch the metal on the back, it does vibrate/"tingle", like a lot of metal electrical items do if you touch them in certain places (!)...

    Is this what you're talking about?
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    Sorry I shouldn't laugh but…

    LMAO – Bloody hilarious answer! :D

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