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Weirdness on MacRumors.com front page

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by wrldwzrd89, Jun 2, 2004.

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    I'm looking at the MacRumors.com front page in IE 5.5 for Windows 2000, and I'm not seeing the two side columns that are usually there. All I see is the center column. Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot.
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    same thing, about once every three times i access MR using safari. (running on Jag.)

    reload usually fixes it for me...
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    I'm back at my Mac, using Safari, and it's back to normal...I wonder what happened?
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    home page not up-to-date

    When looking at MacRumors using Safari, I have often noticed that the front page is several hours out-of-date.

    I can simultaneously see the correct page if I open it with IE.

    Sounds like a cache issue - but if I reload, empty the cache, or even reset Safari, the problem remains.

    Only Safari, and only MacRumors. Anyone else experience this?
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    I've got this problem:

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    does it both on my PC and my MAC
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    I'm not sure if not seeing the Google ad in the middle of the page qualifies as a "problem". ;)

    I'm seeing things as they should be on everything I've tried on (PCs and Macs).
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    funny, because almost immediately after i posted yesterday, the problem went away... kinda figures.
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    Dual banner ads in Header

    I get two adverts the same cropping up sometimes, usually with a load of markup in between them. These ads are U.K. targeted (?) and usually blow the header way out of size. The other problem with the same ads is that sometimes a single ad will be half hidden behind the title banner and search box. I assume these are loaded externally and the attatched code is out of macrumors hands.

    oh well :)
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    Ok, I always assumed it was one of the boxes that displayed the current news. I never see the banners or adds thanks to XXXXXXXX
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    geez, it's not enough for you to advertise how you share music in your sig, but you had to advertise on MR how to block ads on MR? :rolleyes:

    it's one thing for you to block your own ads. but ads are there for a reason - so arn wouldn't have to finance the hosting of MR out of his own pocket. remember, he's running this site that we enjoy as a personal favor. if you want to compromise the way it's run by blocking ads, then that's your choice, but don't advertise it to others! geez.
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    As jxyama said, you should really edit your post and take out the name of that program and the link. I remember the last time that program was mentioned the posts were edited by moderators, so you may as well do it and save them the trouble. arn made an executive decision that since those ads are necessary to support MacRumors, discussion of their removal was not allowed.

    edit: here's a link to what arn had to say.
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    I just clicked on the link out of curiosity and what the hell??? That thing seems to block EVERYTHING!!! it's not worth it. I don't want my computer to be choosing what I want to look at.
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    I'm sorry if I've caused any trouble, it's just that I'm not a big fan of ads or banners. I don't like going to check my mail, and see 8+ ads, it gets annoying sometimes.

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