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What app do I need to make this ?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by discosoap, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    quick question; does anyone know which app I could use to make these kind of presentations ?


    I would love to be able to produce these kind of things, but I never used Flash or anything. Is there a "simple" app (wysiwyg?) to get this done or is Flash the only way to go ?

    Kind regards :)
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    Flash is what I'd use.
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    I think After Effects would be preferable to flash for presentations like that where interactivity isn't needed.
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    Seconded. Never seen that video, pretty cool!
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    ^ Either have I, it's very creative not to mention well executed. :cool:
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    That was very well done.

    Another vote for After Effects+Illustrator.
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    After effects.

    You COULD do it in Motion if you really wanted to torture yourself.
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    Hmm, Flash, After Effects, Motion, Illustrator.. these are all pro apps I've never used before (only Illustrator). You say the video is well executed. Is it doable for a noob like me (e.g. are there nice manuals to do this) ? Or is it really difficult to make these ? Is there no wysiwyg editor or template available for these kinds of jobs ?

    Additionally, how about these effects in a presentation ? Also Flash/Motion/After effects, or might some other app be used ?? See from 2.40 onwards;


    Basically I would like to use these kind of effects in my storytelling, and am not sure if I can make them (let alone how) :)
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    Here's a piano.

    Is it difficult for a noob to play Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor?

    Yes... yes it is.

    Is there no easy way to learn it?

    No... I'm afraid not.
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    Fair enough, I get your point. However, there always seems to be "an app for that" on Macs (making life easier), that's why I am asking. I assumed it was going to be difficult, but was hoping you guys knew a shortcut :)

    How about the 2nd video, also done in Motion/After Effects/Flash ??
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    Great and clever bit of motion graphics. As the others have said its got to have been done in After Effects. If you're interested in AE take a look at the various tutorials that are around (after watching that I'm a bit nervous of saying this but Googling might help here) or have a look at Lynda.com or a similiar tut site. Once you've done a few tutorials you'll start to recognise some of the techniques used.

    As others have warned - that was not knocked out in 5 mins or created with the use of a template(?). Listen to the voice over for example - (posh Australian?) its very professionally done. I suspect there's a TV company or similar behind this one.
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    Sure, you can do this! All you need is a couple hundred hours learning After Effects, a fast computer, AND you have a great talent for concept and design. Oh, and it might help to have a few more people working on the project if you want to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

    There is no shortcut or easy way for a newbie to do professional quality work like these video examples UNLESS you hire someone to do it.
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    Designer Dale

    HUNGRYBEAST is an Australian ABC network show. It seems to be off the air.

    Wiki Link

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    I worked with the guy at ABC who manages those graphics, they used another agency called zspace for the idents and mini-animations like what you've selected.

    To get to this level it takes a very good professional hours of work, there are no templates for this type of work unfortunately plus you need the background in design, animation and post-production to create something like this. If you've never heard of the software I doubt very much you'd be able to create a 1/1000 of this, IMHO depending on budget you would need to hire a Motion Graphics Expert for this one.

    From my understanding they use a mix of Maya, AE, Motion, Combustion, Smoke and FCP... For this I suspect it's purely AE, sorry no Flash was used :(
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    Yep, and for some spots like these, it's not uncommon to use a combination of a 3d application (such as Cinema 4d) along with After Effects. And rarely will you see just one person working on it.
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    as a rule of thumb, every second of an animation you see on a national channel is a result of twenty to 45 minutes if your grasp of programs is well and you have have your idea clear in your head. if you're an amateur, if you don't actually have a vision of what you are going to do it's practically impossible. quality on the internet is much lower though.
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    AND...There were probably at least 3-5 people working on it...(the guts anyways)
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    If you are looking for something quick easy and free I recommend checking out http://prezi.com/ which may not look as cool but is a great program
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    It would be very easy for me to create that in Motion. You just don't know how to use it. People like to use what they know. I would have a hell of a time using AE to make it because I don't know that program well.
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    Why did the guy go through all the trouble of making the type in Illustrator first? Doesn't AE have the typography controls that Motion has? Seems like a lot of extra work...especially if you want to change the words for some reason.
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    Besides the hundreds or thousands of hours of practice/training needed to bang out something that polished, there are probably a few (2-4) people involved, as well as a few computers for rendering.

    You could make something kind of like that, but it would not even feel like its in the same ballpark.

    Analogy- Asking if you can make something like that with no experience and not knowing the programs that make it would be like me seeing Avatar and going "oh! What kind of camera should I buy to duplicate this?"

    Not to rain on your parade toooo hard :D

    Buy I would suggest looking into AE if you are in the market for a new time-consuming, hair-pulling, awesome hobby! Compositing and motion graphics really are a blast!

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