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What browser are you using?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Fry42, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Hello, this is my first posted thread
    Like the title says, I'm just wondering
    what browsers do other users, well...use!
    I'm using Safari but I'm recently
    reacquainting myself with Opera,
    a browser I used constantly
    on Windows...
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    Safari 5.0, didn't like the new 5.1 caused me too many issues
  3. Guest


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    Chrome it's like magic.
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    Safari 5.1. Beautiful.
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    I'm using Safari 5.1.
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    chrome is only 32bit... but it is pretty quick.

    i am using firefox ...:)
  8. tbl
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    Yep i'm using that. The amount of times ive typed a google search into the address bar it was getting annoying.
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    Chrome. I can't live without my extensions.
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    chrome here :D
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    I like the animations in the new Safari, but the memory leak problem is too big. I switched to chrome for most of my browsing and love it! My only problem with Chrome is that it isn't color-managed, and I'm a professional photographer who does a fair amount of web-based image critique. I use Safari in those situations. Come on Google, incorporate color management into your browser already!
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    Same here, but I was hoping Google doing an update for a 64bit version ;) and of course no scroll bar plz.
  14. mif
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    SeaMonkey, a reminder of Netscape Navigator.
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    I mainly use Chrome. Its performance is really terrific with the prefetching and instant searching. Safari and Firefox are my fallback browers for compatibility reasons. And in the worse case scenario, I can use IE 9 through parallels.
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    Wow thank you!

    Also, anyway to bring back the two finger swiping to go back to the previous page on chrome?

    Although omnibus solves one of the biggest gripes I had with using safari, for now using Safari since it's the only one I can swipe a finger to go back.
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    I was using chrome, but it has gotten SO buggy it's become unusable! Back to Safari and really loving the new version!
  18. 3bs
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    Ever since I installed Omnibar, I've moved to Safari and haven't looked back
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    I must be the only Firefox user here...
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    Firefox is taking a hammering at the moment. Its really gone downhill recently and just can't keep up with the others for some reason.

    Its a shame as it used to be my "go to" browser.
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    Safari 5.1
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    So for the record, I'm using the latest Safari plus Omnibar.
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    There's no reason a browser needs to be 64 bit.

    I'm using Chrome Canary. I was using Safari 5.1 but it's a poorly coded mess that devours over 2 gigs of my ram in under 2 hours of moderate use.
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    Download Chrome Canary. With it you can use 2 of 3 finger swipes.
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    Diehard Firefox user - I use Safari once in awhile, and I can't stand the look and feel of chrome (although I will admit it‘s pretty quick)

    There are just too many great extensions in FF for me to want to switch to something else.

    When I first came over to Macs, I tried Camino and really liked it, but again, it didn't have the wealth of plugins available. Maybe I'll check it out again later today...

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