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What do you do with your Apple stickers?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by gerror, Jul 26, 2003.

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    I was wondering about the stickers you get when you buy a new Mac. I put one on my girlfriends car:

    Please show me your picture.

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    Although I can't show you a picture, at school I unpack most of the new Macs that come in to the Elementary Lab, so I put one of those white stickers on the front door.

    Unfortunately, I lost the ones which came with my iMac.... :(

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    Is that sticker on the inside or the outside? (gerror)
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    Yes, it's on the car for a week now. I 've got some more stickers so if it's damaged, I'll put another on the car ;)
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    I don't think you answered his question...

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    Sorry, it is on the outside :p
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    I put 'em here:

    oldskool vs. newskool ;)

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    I always put them on my PC at work to annoy my colleges. Otherwise it looks cool on a guitar or snowboard.
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    I had a sticker on my hopper. For those that don't know, a hoppe is used in paintball. It holds the paintballs and feeds it into the paintball marker.

    I was at a tourny once and someone saw it and asked me if I was a Mac user. I told him yes and he said he was making the switch, he had just ordered an iMac.

    Too bad my hopper shell cracked. I need to get some more of those stickers.
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    You can get some here, or I would assume you could get it cheaper on eBay.

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    I have a Dell monitor with my G4, so I've slapped my Apple sticker right on the side :D .
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    As soon as my dad gives me his car I gonna slap lots of Apple stickers on it!
    Whats funny is that I finally saw somone else with one on their car, were not alone.
    I even dug up my old stickers that came wit my performa.
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    We are sure NOT alone my friend. Keep it up!
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    Its on the side of my Dell monitor on my PC :)
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    I was walking down the street the other night and someone threw out an old apple 2 in almost new condition. it came with everything including about 10 apple stickers (they were never opened and wraped in plastic). They even have the verly old logo which has a little cut on the leaf of the apple. Im probably not going to put them on anything and save them
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    Powerbook G5

    I've got one on my door, one in the corner of my bedroom window, and I'd love to put one on my car window but I don't see how it'd last the elements. I was surprised the other day when I saw a big black Dodge Ram HD pickup with a Calvin pissing on a Microsoft logo and one of those white Apple logo sitckers on the corner of the rear window. Now how is that for cool? :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've got one on my car, one on my office door and one on my Wacom 9x12 tablet, under the transparent top. I'll post pics after I take them.

    I need to get some more, I have a new car that could use one....;)

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    I'm saving the ones I've recieved for my first car. I've a six-color and a white one. I'd really like the newton stickers, though.
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    On my printer, monitor dads car, tv, stupid old pc, window, binder, pb 3400....
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    I put one on my calculator at school, but that got stolen (it also had a ton of Nintendo stickers, too).

    And I can't seem to find my other one. :(
  21. TEG
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    I've never seen any stickers/logos like that. I however have several with the old font on the rainbow apple.

    I have 3 on my Taurus, one in each of the half windows and one on my rear window. I bought several from eBay, and When I get my new car (Vibe or CTS) I'll put 2 on the back window, and one on (if I can find what i want)...

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    I wouldn't know but apart from it being flipped horiznontally, would there be anything wrong with sticking them on the inside of the car window? It just seems that they may last longer that way.
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    Hmm... that's not a bad idea at all. I'm gonna put one on my Nitro snowboard. God I miss snowboarding season....
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    I think I'm also gonna put one on my pc at work, a lousy Compac
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    My ADS drive kit.

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