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What do you use to process RAW?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bananabar, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I've got a Nikon D80 and was hoping to use PS Elements to touch-up my RAW images but am a bit disappointed with the results. Am I missing a link in the RAW chain?

    How do you do it??
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    I am not sure if this works with Elements but Adobe Camera Raw is a different window from PS. You can make parametric changes to an image. The newest Version (i think 5.1) can be downloaded for free at adobe.com but you need PS for it to work. My guess is it also works with Elements but I am not sure.
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    Despite LR2's recent release and drastic improvements in NEF processing, it (and ACR in PS) still not friendly with NEF's.

    You should use Nikon Capture NX for your NEF file processing until Adobe gets a clue and quits butchering them.
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    Aperture and sometimes Photoshop (camera RAW).
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    Not sure what your budget is, but $200 for Aperture is money well spent, especially when you start adding plug-ins like Noise Ninja, Color Efex Pro 3, etc. I've gotten to really love this program, it just takes a little time to learn the the more advanced fearures, but it's well worth it. :)
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    Raw Photo Processor is my favorite- it's very capable and free- you just have to remember to switch to AHD before saving. Capture NX is what I use for anything that doesn't come out right in RPP, followed by Bibble Pro if I need to do lens correction.
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    My files are all CR2 and I use Adobe Camera Raw. It fits into my Bridge/Photoshop workflow.
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    Lightroom 2
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    I use Aperture and then only some of the photos go to Photoshop CS3.

    What to use depends on what you need to do. Could you tell us what you mean by "touch-up" and what you didn't like about the result. Given this info some one might be able to suggest something better

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