What does "BRICKING" your device mean?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by kdesign7, May 10, 2010.

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    Simple question, and hopefully a simply answer.

    I know what the TERM means. Basically, it renders the device unusable, but that doesn't answer my needs.

    What causes a device to be 'bricked' - I know it 'CAN' be done through Jailbreaking, but what steps are missed/not applied properly to cause this?

    Meaning, I've seen a jailbroken device before. I've jailbroken my iPod touch, by following a few simple instructions I've found online from a reliable source.

    It worked perfectly, but I know others who have tried to Jailbreak their iDevice, done something wrong, and then voila. Bricked.

    So... what causes it to be Bricked? Is it a failed attempt? Missed steps? What?

    Im just very curious about this matter.

    And when a device is BRICKED, is there ANYWAY to restore the device to factory settings?! I mean, what access does a user have when a device is BRICKED?!

    Hopefully I made my question clear, as to what Im curious about, but if not, definitely reply and ask for a clearer understanding, I really don't mind.
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    If you fark up the firmware, you have a brick. :D
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    lol, speedy reply! thanks alot buddy!

    Ok so... is there anyway to fix a bricked device, or can only Apple do that? (if they can? I dunno)
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    Fixed* Sorry.

    Yes, there are a few tutorials online to free your iPhone device from its mortar purgatory.
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    I bricked my iPhone once when I jailbroke updated it once. Not hard to revive it from bricked status.
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    Actually, it means you place it on the sidewalk with the screen side up. You drop a brick and if the screen cracks and the device no longer works, you have a bricked device.

    If you get an iPad and cover it in bling, you have a tricked device.

    If you stole it, you have a picked device and if you are a farmer, you have a hicked device.
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    What's the difference between a kicked and a bricked device, besides the method to which it was made non-functioning?
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    I've never heard of the term Kicked?!?!?
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    You must not spend a lot of time on IRC. XD

    Yeah, I troll, so what?
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    I've use to use iRC, way back in the day.. 1996. I use to script mIRC as well... had a script online that had over 30,000 downloads.. but I left mIRC ages ago, and never looked back. :)

    But ya, I know what mIRC is.. :)
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    Bricked is a unrecoverable shutdown (or crash).

    This can be permanent, but usually can be fixed these days, by either sending it in for repair, or if your lucky, do a restore yourself using some sort of hacking software that is installed on another machine that you connect to.

    A stated above, it results from corrupting low level firmware that supports the higher level OS.

    (Almost sounds like I know something eah) :D
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    Thank you so much! You answered my question, weither or not a Brick Device can be restored... by an Application on another machine, connected VIA USB. :)

    I dont have a BRICKED device, no no - but it's good knowlodge to have, esp if I plan on JB'ing my iPad that's gonna arrive on the 28th. I HIGHLY doubt that I will JB it because... when I JB'd my iPod Touch, I download 1000's of Apps, and most of them I disliked. I think I use MAYBE a handful of paid apps, and well, I see the work that was put into the development, and most of the apps aren't expensive, at all!

    The most expensive app that I will Purchase is iTeleport. I use Jaadu VNC on my iPod touch, and I LOVE IT! Works great, and it's by far the best VNC apps Ive seen, (better than Mocha)

    Again, thanks! Now all I need to do, is find the website that explains more on that subject :)

    *** Jaadu VNC was renamed to iTeleport, for those who don't know ***
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    Has anyone 'BRICKED' their iPad?

    I know I created a thread earlier on the topic of "What does BRICKED mean".. but now I am curious if anyone in the iPad community, that has or tried to, Jailbreak their device...and resulted in a Bricked Device?! If so, how did you fix the problem?! Did you send it away, or did you figure out another solution?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    I've heard of the Spirit JB that works for the iPad/iPod/iPhone, but alas, Im just curious if anyone has BRICKED their iPad and what their story is.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate all the replies.
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    Another brick post = FAIL!
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    You reply to this thread = FAIL.
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    Almost nobody uses this term correctly. If your device is bricked that means it's ruined. If something can be fixed or recovered it's not bricked, it's just broken. There is almost no way to brick an iPhone or iPad, just about everything you can do to mess it up can be fixed.
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    "bricked" has become a lazy way of saying someone screwed up a jailbreak/unlock.

    Bricking by hacking definition means you've irrecoverably damaged the device and you can't get it back through normal means. Sometimes bricked routers or other devices can be put through extraordinary measures to recover them but those methods are far outside of the average skill set of the person who screwed up the device in the first place.

    iPhone OS devices are quite resilient. You can get them back from the worst ADD screwups. I haven't seen real bricking since the original iPhone hacks were in their earliest stages. Under normal circumstances a restore generally brings the devices back but a restore with current firmware (if the firmware has changed) often closes the loopholes you were trying to exploit. That's why it's good to be prepared ahead of time and ready to recover with proper versions if something goes wrong.

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