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What does 'Sound Check' mean on the iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Hugh, Nov 6, 2010.

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    I have a 4g? 20gig iPod and an 5.5 80gig iPod.

    I have 'sound check' on. On both of them but it doesn't seem to do any thing. The volume still gets high and low because of the sound level of the CD. Now if you turn on 'Sound Check' in iTunes it does it says, it adjust the volume so all the music plays at the same level.

    So what does this 'sound check' in the iPods do?

    OFF topic: I noticed that there is a 'sound check' in the import settings? Will this also adjust the volume while importing?

    Thanks for you in put.

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    It's meant for some louder songs to be quieter, but it doesn't work that well IMO
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    If you check the Sound Check which I highly recommend it levels out the audio as best as possible so you don't go from one really loud song to a very low song. It does a pretty good job of adjusting your audio levels!
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    That's what happens in iTunes. It makes every thing sound at the same level, but on the iPod it doesn't seem to do any thing. I still have soft tunes to loud tunes. :(


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