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What does your Touch look like?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dasikes, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Alright, so we all love our iPods. A lot of us like making them somewhat unique, or simply personalizing them. What does your's look like? Post some pics!


    On the back, I used my Shuffle sticker and my iMac sticker.

    Notice the lack of scratches :D :D :D :D :D I love my Griffin iClear!!


    The front is essentially featureless. Just a normal screen protector.​

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    I am not really a big fan of putting stickers on my electronics, I don't have any on my iPod touch... but... I do have this one sticker on my PSP... and, DUDE?! How do you keep your iPod scratchless?!

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    I don't have one on my iPod either, but I do have one on my TI-84 calculator, to help distinguish it from the hundreds of others. :D


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    Griffin iClear :D
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    Damn, I wish I knew about that when I got my iPod touch, I have a case for mine, but even so, it still has scratches on the back. (No scratches on the front, thank you Apple!)
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    Like This!!

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    My First Post

    Three things:

    The glass on the front is scratch proof, really scratch proof. Check out you tube dot com and look up "ipod touch scratch proof screen".

    Second I have a question about the look of the icons, home screen, etc. Is it possible to modify sliders, home screen backgrounds, etc without hacking the iPod touch?

    Lastly, is hacking the touch the same as jail-breaking?

    Thanks for the help!!!
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    EWWWWWW, apple stickers randomly applied :eek:;)
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    That's a case, right?
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    I have hundreds of those apple stickers in a pile in my house, never use them. I wont post any pics a my touch is dented and scratched to hell. (had it since release)
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    Mine looks JUST LIKE yours, minus the Apple stickers....even the front is the same!!...how strange is that? ;)
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    Can I have said stickers? :D I always have uses for them.
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    three answers
    1. okay

    2. yes, yes you can. you can jailbreak with winpwn or ziphone and downloads hundreds of free apps and themes

    3. yes jailbreaking is hacking, the only kind:)
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    My touch is fully protected:


    Invisibleshield full body protector & Incase case.
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    And mine.
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    Simple. I have an iPod Sock. When I take it out of it I hold it in my hand and don't put it on hard surfaces. Having my Touch since February 08 and it still looks as good as new.
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    No I used my MyCokeReward points and made my own personal skin on Skinit.com. They run $20.
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    benflick, thanks for your reply! I knew you could modify, I just wasn't sure if you could modify w/o having to hack into it.

    I'll be looking into pwning it later today.:)
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    i have the same exact case and protective screens, i like the back screen as it is really helpful in resisting scratches on the back plate.

    the rubbery case is nice for gripping on surfaces and feels more comfortable than the slider case (which scratch the back of a friends ipodtouch eek!)
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    Nice. I have the same set up when my touch is not in a slip case.

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