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What happens with my Combo driver in PMG5 2.0x2??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by msharp, Jan 28, 2005.

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    My combo driver often fails(almost 10 out of 15 times) when burning a cd-r disk, no matter what's burning, audio or data, and no matter what the speed is, 8x to 32x. why is this happen?

    the Toast 6.0.5 reports errors like this: Medium Error, or Running out of buffer without underrun protection.
    But I do checked the buffer underrun protection checkbox!!

    And, it is more likely to fail writing in with larger amount of data, for instance, writing larger than 400 mb.

    any help or advice is appreciated!!!
    thanks a lot in advance!!
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    anyone help me...
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    Is it just in Toast? Does it happen in iTunes, or using Disk Burn? Are they cheap disks? It could be a problem with the software you're using, or it could be a bad drive. If it happens in other software, you might need to have it checked out by Apple. Especially if you're still under warranty. If it's just a bad drive, it might be cheaper to just buy a new CD or DVD writer. Check http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/ for info.
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    yes, it happened in other softwares, just like iTunes and DiscBlaze... I'll think replacing another drive ....

    I think i'm one of the most bad luck people on the world! You know what? This is the 1st half year of my mac, and this is the first Mac I bought and used...."Switcher"??...
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    Well, if it's still under warranty, Apple will fix it. I'd recommend AppleCare if you haven't gotten it yet (you can get it any time within the first year) just in case. Apple's are good, but they are only the sum of their parts. Things do break. I wouldn't let it sour you on them though, Dells break too. Otherwise, it's an easy fix. Buy a new drive (check that site I linked to see if it's got native support, or if you need to install PatchBurn), and put it in. Or have someone like CompUSA do it for $30. If it's not under warranty, or you want a new, faster drive.

    Of course, it could just be a bad or loose cable.
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    well, thanks for your advice!

    I think I'll examine the cable, before replacing it with a DVD burner :)
    Or I'll just replace it with my cd-rw drive for my PC ;-), a SONY 52x cd burner, which is still working fine, for over a year....

    Anyway, thank you!
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