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What is front row? + a 2nd question..

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MrFunk22, May 22, 2007.

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    What is front row? I see people talking about it but have no clue.

    Is it the main menus on the Ipod?

    If so my 2nd question:

    I dont have a TV Shows tab on it like i'm guessing i should? So my TV shows wont sync.
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    Front row is for the computer. You use the Apple remote to play music, movies, display pictures, etc. Only available on the last(?) version the iMac G5 and Intel Macs. (Except MacPros) If you have one of these Macs, hit the menu button on the Apple remote and.... Front Row!

    As for the second question. Not too sure. Hopefully someone with more info will come along.
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    Yes, it was the last iMac G5 that had Front Row.
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    You will only have a TV shows section in the iPod if in iTunes you have TV Shows under the tab TV Shows.
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    Jim Campbell

    Oh ... and something which baffled me at first - if you're importing mp4 files of TV shows into iTunes, then they may well appear under the "Movies" section of your library by default. If they do, click on the file in iTunes list view, Get Info and under the Video tab you need to change the classification from Movie to TV Show.

    It may sound completely bleeding obvious, but it threw me for a little while!


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    lol maybe obvious but i ve had my iPod for 5 months and always wondered how to do this, never thought it was a big deal or anything but still, really nice to know how to fix this...
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    OK - yeah i'm running windows base so i dont have front row then but the whole TV shows thing...

    I put my shows under the TV Shows tab - It's Prison Break Season 1
    But it wont Sync

    There under the TV Shows tab, All information entered, correct season, names, disks, episodes.. ect..

    And Still Wont Sync

    They are in MP4 Format if that's what stopping it
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    probably a stupid question.. are you sure you have a VIDEO iPod? (5 gen big one?)

    EDIT: that wasnt supposed to sound mean lol i mean it in the nicest way possible, we just gotta cover the basics
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    Lol yes i'm possitive

    It's the newest version form walmart, the 30 gig black video

    I can play my HP and Xmen movies but just cant get my TV shows to work.. unless there under the movies section.. but then there not organized

    Thank you for the responses

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