What is this shape called?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by FourCandles, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I need look into the usage of a particular shape/design, and I really need to know what it’s called - if it has a name - before I can even search for it.

    Here’s a quick sketch:


    So, it’s formed from a circle, and overlaid with a square with the length of the sides equal to the radius of the circle, so that the corner of the square is at the centre of the circle.

    However, It’s not in any of the lists of geometric shapes that I’ve seen, maybe because it’s not a geometric shape with an equation to produce it.

    Does anyone know if there’s a name for this shape? Many thanks.
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    I am not sure what its proper name is, but it has quite a history!

    I am thinking of the whole "new quark" logo that had to be changed because of copyright infringement issues:

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    That's a great link, I see there's lots of other usage of the shape and its derivatives in the article too. Many thanks.
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    The closest I could figure is a teardrop, though the point isn't up on your example.
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    looks like a teardrop/water drop to me.
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    no idea what its called, but have lots of derivatives (including this actual shape itself) in illustrator if anyone wants.

    PM me
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    I think technically the teardrop is a different mathematical shape - see here for the equation - and I don’t think you can have a value of m in that equation that will give the perfectly straight sides (as you can gather I’ve re-learnt a lot of geometry just recently!). But thanks for the replies.

    Thanks - I've created it OK, but that's then triggered the questions about prior usage that prompted my thread.
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    There is an equation you can use to create this shape, but I'll leave the working out to you ;-)

    Heres a diagram that will help!

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    here you go:

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    It's called a squarcle or ciquare ;)
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    I don't know anything about illustrator. But I know about math.

    You can make this curve from multiple piecewise curves. Basically a 3/4th circle and 2 lines.

    Yeah you figure out those equations ;)
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    I've searched wikipedia but I couldn't find anything looking like this...Actually I think that there is not an official name for this shape.The only information I was able to find is just the mathematical way you can shape it.I hope I helped you a bit:)

    Click here
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    Pfft! Maple will figure it out for me! (I don't know enough math to use Mathematica :p )
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    Why even that? A simple pen and paper + 2000 year old math is enough to do this.

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