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what mac has what cpu resource?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by melchior, May 14, 2004.

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    I am wondering if people have any favourite resources that i frequently updated, listing details of components inside macs... cpu's, bus speeds, hd's etc... seperating between each revision.
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  3. 7on
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    neither of those have been updated recently... :rolleyes:

    anything else? everymac.com is the one i have always used but i am hoping there is something better...

    specificially, since *someone* might read this this and it's not worth reposting...

    can anyone confirm the new emac's cpu? i am under the impression it is a 7447a but it is not easy thing to track down...
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    Really, Apple says they just posted the new eMac stuff on 4-20-2004 and the iBook/Powerbook12,15,17 on 4-19-2004
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    sorry, i didn't quite tell the full point. that specific document has been updated but does not list the processor model. it links to a document still referring to 800mhz and 1ghz on the motorolla site. (datasheets for the 7457) but the new emacs obviously do not have this processor... frustrating to find out a piece of information that should be fairly obvious.... why is the processor model a secret?
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    Apple killed the processor model scheme when the went from the 601, 603, 604 designations to the Gx numbering scheme.

    Seems people were getting confused thinking that a 603 at 225 MHz was faster than a 604 at 200MHz -- the Gx numbering cleared that up, as did not releasing faster MHz low-end machines than high-end machine.

    Don't expect Apple to go back to a model numbering scheme, the Gx keeps the marketing simple.

    But even Motorola's 7455 went through 3 major models, with the last one darn near a 7457 on a larger process. So there are times when even having a model number won't get you all the way there.

    And the 7457 is basically the same chip as the 7447 -- only difference is you expect a L3 cache on the 7457 and not when you hear 7447.

    The 7457 is just the generic name at Freescale for that generation chip.

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