What outdated browser should I use??

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by The Loaf, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I have an older PPC G4 powerbook running Tiger 10.4.11 and Safari 3.1.2. Well, I'm finally getting messages that certain sites won't support this browser anymore, etc. No surprise there, it was bound to happen eventually. I need to upgrade, however, I'm leery of installing/upgrading anything that will slow my already sluggish computer down. Did a little search, and saw some posts that said Safari 4 was buggy when people upgraded (these were old posts, mind you, from when Safari 4 was first released). Did they ever work things out? What would be best/fastest on an older machine like mine. Thinking about Firefox or Chrome--if they offer a version that will work. Whatever is smooth and easy. Kind of hard finding out new information about old issues...

    I know I'm living in the past (I have a new MacBook Pro for most things), but I still use this old clunker for certain tasks, and as a back up, and I want to make any transitions from this life to the next easy for her. So, what browser works well on your old machines? I really appreciate your advice.
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    The latest version of Firefox works with Tiger. Just visit mozilla.com and hit "Download". Also, just hitting the :apple: and updating Safari to 4.1.3 would be fine, too.
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    Seconded--Camino is compatible with 10.4, uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, but is significantly more "Mac native feeling", and in my experience also has a lighter resource footprint and feels like it runs faster on older systems.
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    Camino is going to be the best browser for an old mac.
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    the newest safari for osx tiger (10.4.11 ) is 10.1.2 its time for you to upgrade safari :) and it works without bug on my iMac G3 600mhz with 384mb ram
    but camino is faster http://pimpmycamino.com/
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    Camino is great but I really prefer Opera. I think that Opera 10 should run in tiger and I know operaa 9 does. Its a very fast browser.
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    Um, I'm pretty sure the latest version of safari is 5.something. But anyhow, I am a firefox user and I really like the way it works
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    Safari 5 is 10.5+ the Op is running Tiger. The latest version of safari for tiger is version 4.x.x.
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    And its worth mentioning that, while 4.1 is the latest version of Safari that'll run on 10.4, it does include most of the under-the-hood speed and rendering enhancements of Safari 5, so it's actually a pretty substantial upgrade from previous versions, including 4.0.x.

    I think on an older computer like that Camino will still be faster on average, but you definitely want to get the latest version of Safari as well, and in my experience Safari is much faster with complex javascript stuff than Camino or Firefox. Depending on what you do most you may even come out ahead with Safari.
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    Thanks for the responses, people.
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    Safari 4.1.2 is "current" for OS 10.4.11, and it works just fine for me.

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