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What PCI modems will work in the Mac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Sweetfeld28, Oct 8, 2003.

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    are there any PCI modems that i could use to replace my G3 MT internal modem; or would i have to find another internal to replace the one in there now??:confused:
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    I have a spare 56k modem for the mt g3...pm if your intersted
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    It's hard to find them nowadays, but you HAVE to get a full hardware PCI modem if you want to use it in your mac. Most modems right now are winmodems, which require windoze to do a lot of the processing. Most of those modems don't even work on pcs with linux, not to mention your mac.
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    applemacdude— how much would you sell it for?

    the one i have in right now was what i thought was a 56k, but it only seems to connect at 24k for some reason. If there is a way to fix this could someone let me know. Oh, when i go to SysPref then to the network tab, the modem script says 56k v.90. Internet connect say that it CONNECTS at 24000k.
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    55 shipped, will trade for software or anything
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    The "56K" modems very seldom can connect at anything close to 56K. If you're getting 24K you're not doing too bad.

    The 56K speed only applies if you're sitting in the telephone company central office, and the server-side modem is colocated there also. Otherwise all bets are off. In plain language, the "56K" is a lie. You'll never get close to that speed in the real world.
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